Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day to the Daddies in my life.

First there was my sweet Daddy. There is no way to begin to describe this man. He's the perfect Dad, I'm not just saying that because it's Fathers Day, seriously, PERFECT. In my whole life I don't remember him ever telling me that I couldn't do something I wanted to do, ever. In fact he was always there in the middle of whatever I was involved in. When I was in Cosmetology school (it was a co-op in high school) he would come to the school on his lunch break and let me cut his hair, or let me pass off on some other crazy assignment! That mans hair has been highlighted, finger waved, curled, spiked, anything I needed it to do! He has had a french manicure, his toes done, eyebrows waxed, you name it, I put him through it! LOL! And he never once complained. When I was a little older I really enjoyed christian concerts. We would dress Dad up in baggy jeans, spike his hair with some DUKE putty, and give him some shades to wear and he would be right there with us jumping up and down and screaming at the front. When we were little, all the other Dads were screaming at their kids at the ball park, but my Dad was taking us caving, canoeing, camping, hiking, repelling, climbing, even driving! Now that I'm a Mama my Dad is a constant encouragement, when everyone else questions my decisions he's always behind me. He is truly my biggest fan. Daddy, I love you. Then there was Ben, I always knew he would make a good Daddy. Being the oldest of twelve kids, I never really saw him without one on his back! The first thing he told me, after he talked to my Dad about dating me, was "I want a house full of children, I want my wife to stay home, and I want my children to be homeschooled. " It really was that simple. At 19 he knew exactly what he wanted out of life. We were engaged 6 weeks later! LOL! He is the perfect Daddy for my children! He is a lot like my Dad was with us. My kids are so lucky. Ben is so involved in every little accomplishment. I think the most special moments are when he gathers them up in the evening and reads to them from the Bible, or when he puts them to bed and prays with each one. They each have their own special prayer and way they like to be tucked in. He is always willing to give up his off days to cut another trail on our adventure. Best of all, he puts up with Mama. He understands my artistic quirks. Sometimes he will just take the kids and leave me to work on my next big project. He's wonderful. Ben had to work at the fire station today so we celebrated yesterday. I love you sweetie, we missed you today! Happy Fathers Day.
Molly said "Daddy I hope you have a good Fathers Day. I like when you take me fishin, and when you cut trails on our adventure."
Tim said,"Happy Fathers Day. My faborite is when you work on my twee howse, and build da chicken pin."
Madeline said, "Hap pars Day, I wike get him hugs."
Then there was Daddy in law, Barry. He really don't feel like the in-law type. I really do feel like one of his Daughters. I have to give this man props for raising my man. He taught him to be a good Daddy, a hard worker, a provider, and husband. He has taught us something that we couldn't have learned from the world, that children are truly a joy and a blessing. Thank you Barry, I love you.


Karen said...

Samantha, this was so lovely!

Firefly Hill said...

Very sweet Sam! I love that your daddy let you do his hair and nails--that is one special father!