Thursday, April 24, 2008

Our adventures. Chicks and castles.

First I want to say, wow! You are all so interesting! I enjoyed every comment on the last post. I love to hear about you. Please feel free to comment with similar experiences and stories about your family. Sometimes I have people who comment and then write" sorry for writing a book". Don't be sorry! I love it! I love this community. I don't want it to always be me just going on and on about myself and my family, I like for you to chime in. Believe me it's way more interesting that way. :) Thanks again, for being the best bloggy friends a girl could have! You guys are awesome. ;)
We had a wonderful week full of adventures! First we hatched our own chicks. We had some eggs in an incubator and we checked them just in time to see a chick pecking his/her way out. Needless to say all of our normal school activities were called off for the day as we sat around this tiny egg and watched. Molly named the chick Rose. Later she said "Mama, poor little chick, It will probably grow up to be a rooster named Rose!" She is so funny. She feels sorry for everything. Tim did too, he wanted me to just crack the shell and let the chick out. He thought it was hurting.

Our next adventure really began Monday when Molly wanted to hear a story about me when I was a kid. They love my 'when I was a kid' stories. So I remembered this one.

My brother Simon, sister Rachel, and I were exploring in the woods one day when we found an old stone tower. It looked just like a watch tower! We were so excited. We decided that there was probably a castle nearby so we walked along a stone wall that was very grown over vines and bushes. After walking a ways we saw it! It was an old abandoned castle! The roof was caved in and there were trees growing through the floor. In front of the castle there were stone mazes that we ran through, and played hide and seek in. We imagined that the castle could have been the very one that Cinderella lived in. Or maybe it was a beautiful princess that we had never heard of! We went out there all the time and played in our castle, but we didn't tell anyone. We were afraid if people found it they would tear it down. To this day that castle still stands. You have to go to Nana and Papa's house where we grew up. Walk to the cow pasture, around the lake and up to the far corner of the wood line. Behind a big tree there is a hidden trail. You have to climb the barbed wire fence and climb up the hill where you will see an old narrow road. Go left on that road till you see the watch tower then you know you're close! Follow the road until you see a trail to the left, turn down that trail and you will come out right in front of the castle!

They were amazed by this story and thought I had made it up! Me? Make a story up? LOL! Well I do admit I "fancy" them up a bit, but I never make them up! You see, this is how it really happened. There was a old factory from the 20's that was shut down. Mom and Dad played there when they were kids. The first time I heard the story I heard it just like that. My Dad took us out there, and for years we thought it was an old castle. My dad would take Simon and Ben and his brothers out there to camp out when they were kids. So I just passed the story along just the way it should be told.

We planned a trip, and yesterday we hiked out there and my children got to see the castle. They were completely amazed. They couldn't believe it! They played in the same mazes that their parents and grandparents played in. It has grown up so much that you can hardly get to some of the things that we wanted to show them, but we had so much fun. We're already planning another trip and this time we are taking rope and a lunch.


Karen said...

So magical!

Alisa A. Thoms said...

wow. i'm coming for a visit, i wanna go there!

Sheila said...

Hey Tim, did you know that some turtles can live for a really long time? I wonder if the turtle you found was at the castle when your mom used to play there? Did you leave him there or bring him home for a pet?

bee'nme said...

What a perfectly magical week of adventures! Your children have such a lovely heiritage! Love the castle story - I was rapt just reading it and thinking "what a great tall tale" - but aha - not so - it's true! How wonderful for all of you to share that through the generations!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Hugs and blessings,
Becky S.

kerri said...

What a great story! I kept thinking, I want to explore there! Guess we could all use a little more magic in our lives.

Rooster Rose! ahehe

Steve & Molly said...

Gotta love the imagination! Makes everything more exciting! Are you all recovered from your surgery? Have a great weekend!

Oliver Rain said...

I love telling "when I was a kid" stories too. I'm not sure if Lizzie enjoys them, but I just love to talk.

I didn't get a chance to comment on your last post, but you already know a bit about me. I didn't mention that I chose NICU for my senior nursing practicum, followed by Peds if that doesn't work out. We will be true bloggy twins again!

Amy said...

oh my! what a romantic find!
I would love to see this