Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring Has Come (and some rambling)

Spring is here in Bama! And today that meant coming home from church, changing into pajama pants, and putting the 'park blanket' in the front yard to relax and listen to a good book! (Kilmeny of the Orchard) Oh, and naps for chubby little babies with a full belly and a fresh diaper. Can you even stand her?

(taken by my Madeline)

Ramble: I found this picture on my phone from today and when I saw it my first thought was ''Jo, how could you, your one beauty!'' Isn't that silly? But When I heard that line in the ''Little Women'' movie as a young girl a true love of red hair was born in me in that moment. From that moment on I truly loved red hair because it wasn't common, or wouldn't work for just anyone, it was my niche, my thing, my identity! It was my one true beauty, and I was so overjoyed to realize it! I have never LOVED anything else about me, but I have always loved the color of my hair. It's nice to have that one thing about you that you like as a lanky, awkward, quirky kid, ya know? Every now and then when I want a change I will even brighten my red with a red rinse (one of those wash out in 20 washes things) I actually did one a couple of weeks ago and there is still some color left. I love it! It makes me feel like a new girl just in time for spring, and it's a good way to fight those baby blues (that were really trying to creep up on me just then). /span>

My little Penny is blooming into a plump little, roly poly, baby! How did that happen? Oh this smiley delightful angel makes every minute seem precious. This sweet baby is exactly what I predicted when she was in the womb! She is so easy going and sweet and I have never seen a baby smile with their whole face quite like this girl. Oh she makes mama's heart smile too! Molly and I counted exactly 25 fat rolls on her the other day, we looked and looked for a #26 just to even her out, but we couldn't find it. I'll bet that if we count again in a couple of weeks we will find it! ;)

Guess what else Spring means? It means that the Caffee crew will be headed out very soon on our next big adventure, and much fixing and working is being done on our old girl to get her ready! Ben is taking step by step pictures of her transformation, and I'll keep you updated on how she turns out. If our passports come back in time we will be headed to Canada in a few weeks! Prince Edward Island is going to be amazing! L.M. Montgomery is our absolute favorite author of all time, and as you probably know, she lived there and based all of her books on the Island. We have decided that if there isn't a real rainbow valley that we will find our own and name it. :) Oh it's late, and I'm tired so I better run, but if you have any tips on PEI in spring let me know! Now I'm off to listen to more Kilmeny of the Orchard as I drift off...xo, Sam


Chartreuse Moose said...

Thank you for a delightful blog! Have so enjoyed reading the entries and sharing your joys/sorrows!

Julie Williams said...

Your hair is amazing! And your baby is adorable, can't wait to read about your traveling adventures.

Patty said...

Samantha,The juds you know singing mother and daughter used henna to brighten their hair. The babe is adorable. God Bless, Patty

mandi said...

Oh! We are working on our Airstream right now too! Spring just makes me want to hit the road!

Melissa said...

Loved the catching up post! I feel the same way you feel about your hair, only about my comes from Anne of Green Gables=) Little One is getting SO big! Adorable as always - the first picture is so sweet. We are working on our RV too! Hope to be leaving in September. Planning is half the fun isn't it?