Thursday, September 20, 2012

The firefighters wife can hang!

I want to say that we have had such a great week! But It'd be a total lie! So, I'll just give you the highlights in that "if you don't laugh you'll cry" way that I'm so good at. ;)

* I'm in labor. Fo real, like if I get up to just walk to the bathroom I have 2 contractions, kinda labor. I'm as-big-as-all-outside too so the doctor is thinking that we may have my dates off! Yes! Not that I'm on a hurry to get this baby here, but it makes me feel better to have some wiggle room ya know? It's a good thing to measure two weeks ahead when you are struggling this much, this early.

*My oven went out in a blaze (or really a poof) of glory Monday-ish. I was sitting at the table cutting up potatoes when I hear this electrical/fire type *poof*. The kids start yelling that they saw a flash of fire! I get up to look and sure enough, the stove and oven both are dead. I checked the breaker and it wasn't tripped. When Ben got home he did manage to get the stove back to life but my oven is a goner. No big deal, we will just make do with the toaster oven for now.

* Two days later as Molly was cooking biscuits in the toaster oven, and I was again sitting at the table, when we smell smoke. I turn and flames are licking out of it like its a wood burning stove! Tim grabs the fire extinguisher, I start fiddling with it trying to get all those silly pins off of it (why are those things so fiddly?!) and finally get the fire out and run it, billowing smoke, out the back door. That's major points for the firefighter's wife! A VERY pregnant and in labor one at that! Chaos!! Claire is screaming in the high chair, the girls are coughing their heads off, the entire house is full of black smoke, I'm contracting, Tim is still saying "THAT was AWESOME" between every cough, and we are all still hungry. The kids turned on the fans and we opened up the doors and we stayed out on the porch for the rest of the morning. My house still smells like smoke! Isn't that crazy?!

*My kids were bummed (which hurt my feelings a little because it felt like my fault) that our whole family went to the beach this week and we couldn't go. They were sweet about it but I could tell that they were disappointed. They have to miss Paw-Paw Day tomorrow too, which stinks. I guess since it has been vacation season it seems like we are missing out on a lot this year (mama too), but I keep telling them (and me) that this Spring we hit the road with a new babe for a whole month of gypsy travels in the airstream! Now that is going to be even sweeter because of our "confinement", and we are pumped!

So in other news, we are doing whatever it takes around here to keep from going stir-crazy, and one day this week the girls built a book tower to the ceiling! They were pretty impressed with themselves and so was I. :)
Claire has been making us laugh constantly as she repeats EVERYTHING we say -I really need to stop saying "dadgummit" cause she is really good at that one...Awww man, can't I just have one mama-swear-word? Her funny act today (besides trying to convince us that "Sissy" pooped in her diaper) was to use the binoculars as a camera and walk around saying "Cheeeese!" The kids were so cracked up by it that I just couldn't help but laugh at how stinkin' cute it was. She was also very upset that she couldn't wear her favorite sparkle shoes (pictured above) to take a bath, which had us all rolling! You should have seen her trying to talk us into it! They are hand-me-downs from Lily and Iris and she thinks they are IT! Have I mentioned that this is one of my favorite stages? Ahhh! We could all just eat her up!

I did do some knitting this week! Yay! I plan to finish it up tomorrow, so I'll share that soon. I also had a visitor who came bearing a bag of goodies this week. Woot woot! We had a good time talking and I wish I had taken a picture. Next time I will! Danielle, if you read this, remind me to get a picture next time you visit. ;)

What a weird post huh? Oh well! It's not perfect but it's written down. One more thing before I go, do you guys have any cloth diapering blogs that you love? I'm wanting to extend my blog list a little, while I have the time to read, and that's what I'm into at the moment. :) Thanks friends! xo, Sam


Connie McCoy said...

Apparently, you were not meant to be baking right now, lol. I used a toaster oven in our last house until we moved b/c the actual gas oven did not work. That was ok b/c I hated heating the kitchen as it was the size of a postage stamp and the toaster oven was perfect. There is an auction house in Helena that sometimes has appliances as well as anything else under the sun. I love it because it is close enough that you can go and look at (and touch, lol) the items before actually bidding.

Melissa said...

Oh my goodness, what a week! I'm glad you made it through. As for the smoke smell try activated charcoal I've heard it works really well. Hope this coming week is better for you=)

Debbie said...

Cool! You have an amazing way of making difficulties read like a fun adventure. Praying that the baby in your belly comes out at just the right time.

Anonymous said...

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