Friday, August 20, 2010

Today is Paw Paw Day!

I don't think I've ever told you about "Paw Paw Day" have I? Well let me see...we would have to start waaaay back at the very beginning, over twenty years ago, no, over twenty five years ago! Back when my husband, Ben, was just a little boy. Back then as Ben and his little brothers were growing up their Father's Father, Paw Paw, decided that he wanted to set aside a special day just for the grand-kids. He decided that Friday would be that special day. Every Friday the children knew to expect Paw Paw to come and pick them up, get them whatever they wanted to eat (even if it meant going fifteen different places), pick up whatever new toy or gadget they just had to have, and head to his house to spend the weekend doing whatever they wanted -including things that could have made their mother STROKE if she had only known (playing with fire and power tools, oh the stories I've heard)! But those are the things that make a story like this extra good, right?

So the children multiplied and the years piled on, but Friday still remained Paw Paw Day, for almost thirty years he has been faithful. But Paw Paw Day has changed some, you see now he not only has his twelve Grand-babies, he also has seven Great Grand-babies to love on (and more on the way)! And every Friday as the whole crew gathers for Paw Paw Day, we sit around that sweet man and listen to him "sugar precious" and "angel baby" every child as they take their turn on his lap. By Monday (and sometimes as early as Saturday) I have little ones asking once again "Mama how many more days until Paw Paw Day?"

(Maddie and her Aunt Olivia)

 And that's the story of Paw Paw Day. Pretty sweet, huh? I think this man learned something about life and family early on that a lot of people never learn. Maybe it's that children really are what's most important in life, or maybe he took seriously the verse in the Bible that says "Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward." Psalm 127:3. What a heritage Paw Paw Caffee has! And I can't think of one person more deserving. As we all get older and start to realise that our Paw Paw Days may be numbered we are finding that that makes them even more special.

I took these pictures with my phone today. We didn't have a full crowd today, but Paw Paw Day included chinese food and a dollar movie and the kids had a blast! I hope that all of you had an extra special Friday too! xo, Sam


organicmommy said...

I think that Paw Paw Day sounds like an extra awesome day!!!

Karen said...

I can see why your husband is so loving and giving! He comes from a line of REAL MEN, men who know the value of home and family and aren't afraid to acknowlege their feelings. I am blessed, too. My father-in-law, grandfather-in-law and husband are all like your Paw Paw. I am so happy for all the children who have had their lives touched by your Paw Paw.

Smart Casuals said...

loving and caring person. great man !

Renata said...

This is just so precious & what wonderful memories.