Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vintage Nails and Preterm Labor

Vintage floral nails brought to you by preterm labor. This is the sort of thing that you have time for when you are sitting 90% of everyday growing a baby. I took this picture just so that I can remember having cute nails after this baby gets here and I'm dealing with more important things, like THIS. :) I'm officially down for the count. I'm taking medicine (procardia) every eight hours now, and I'm off my feet except for very short periods of time. Preterm labor has come and now it's time to hunker down and finish strong! 37 weeks or bust!! I'm telling ya, I'm determined to be able to say that I have JUST ONCE been able to carry a baby FULL term. If I make it, I may even get one of those bragging stickers for my car...You know the ones that say "honor student" or "all stars baseball" and things like that? Mine will say "Full Term Infant On Board!" Woot woot! Okay so maybe I won't go that far, but seriously it may be on my headstone when I die. Ha! :) xo, Sam


Emilee K said...

Keeping my everything crossed for you Sam!! What week are you at now? I remember going through your last pregnancy with you, my daughter her her baby girl the same time you gave birth.

Good Luck and lots of prayers!

Samantha Caffee said...

12 more weeks to a full term baby!

Enchanted Moments said...

You can do this...its in your heart..and its in your mind, and you have love and support all around you...keep imagining this baby, at 37 weeks or more in your arms...dont put a single thought of before hand in your mind....x

Neicee said...

Wow..That is a gorgeous nail..Your are multitalented. 12 more weeks, you can do this...Lots of love and prayers sending your way.

Anonymous said...

I had my first bio kiddo, 6 years ago, at 30 weeks 5 days. 4 kiddos later, thru adoption, we are pregnant again... yay, huge shock. Started preterm labor at 21 weeks, been in bed on procardia, progesterone, welcome womb and alfalfa since then for the past 4 weeks. And thanks to you, I am now knitting and crocheting... only way to pass the time in bed... well that and Netflix classic crime shows. Praying for a full term baby for you and stalking your blog for ideas!


Jan M said...

Thnking of you and that sweet babe! May it stay where it belongs for a bit longer!

Meghann said...

Dear Baby Caffee,

You have a great mama and a really neat family you are going to be born into. I know how excited you are to meet all of them, it's understandable. However, sweet one, if you come out too early, your arrival will be full of scary places and things. Trust me, you don't want to go through that. If you can wait at least 12 more weeks, when you meet your mom it will be a room full of joy and light, and you will not spend your days full of scary places and things, but in your mama's arms, being snuggled and loved on. The wait will be well worth it.


Dear Sam,
Focus on that joy and light and 37 week mark, and nothing else. I believe it can happen, and I'm rooting for you! Hang in there.

Me (a fellow mom that has had way too many NICU babies herself)

Debbie said...

I'm praying and believing w/you.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new baby! You can do it! My labor started at a whooping 16 weeks with the last bio babe & we made it to thirty-five (over three months of hospital bedrest). Didn't get a free pass outta the NICU but we were thankful. God has numbered every hair on baby's head. Love your attitude!

A stranger in Mississippi is praying for you.

MrsDG@TalesFromHomemadeHouse said...

Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for you!! :)

SsstarssS said...

Hey, have you ever tried Hydroprogesterone injections? I have to start giving my self Progesterone injections at 16 weeks all the way to 36 weeks. It worked for me. Maybe you've already tried it but if not it's TOTALLY worth talking to your doctor about.