Wednesday, August 10, 2011

it happens

I was sitting in my nest, in my favorite chair, still in my pj's (yeah, I know, I live in them, but I still call them PJ's), talking to my best friend in the whole world (my baby sis), drinking my morning coffee.......when it happened. I felt something wet on my arm. What?! I called for help! "Molly!" She came in from picking muscadines and just started rolling! It was one of those situations where all you can do is laugh and you don't really know where to start! Well if you know me, you know my kids. They all grab cameras and start taking pictures of me before they rescue me! We had a good laugh! Then Tim brought me a towel to lay her on and while Molly cleaned her up I got cleaned up. Can you believe she got every piece of clothing?! And then she fell fast asleep, obviously feeling very "relieved".

You just never know what you may get coming here do ya? It could be a pretty dress, it could be baby poop. That's how we roll. :) xo, Sam


Anonymous said...

que divertido momento...yo lo he vivido tambiƩn.


anna said...

Oh Cr-P!!!! (no pun intended)

Brings back Wonderful memories!!!
Blessings> :0)

mary said...

I just have to say you make me laugh so hard. bringsback wonderful memories. Mine our still little 4,6 and 9, but I do miss those baby days.

Green Mama said...

I love this... In 5 years, two babies, I don't think I've ever been really pooed on- but I'll never forget my mother-in-law came over once in a pair of white shorts. I had my cherub who was around 3 months lying on a towel on the floor without a nappy on, and my mother-in-law couldn't help herself, picked her up for a cuddle, and my cherub did the biggest poo ever known to man, completely coated her and her white shorts. I think I fell in love with my child even deeper than I thought possible at that moment!

Candace said...

My oldest never went without five changes of clothes in her diaper bag...she had explosive poo diapers when she was little....everyone stopped and stared whenever she would go because she was so loud. She would die n the spot if she knew i told you- she is 11.

Melissa said...

I am totally rolling with laughter right now. This is too funny. It happened to me once, with my daughter, it was gross but funny then too. I think the funniest time, was with my nephew. I have two sisters, and the youngest had the first child. My middle sis was pregnant at the time and wanted some experience in changing a diaper. She pulled it off, and of course being a new born, there wasn't much. I told her to get the new diaper under him quick, but she didn't listen. There was suddenly this sound, then my sister screaming, and that baby cooing. The little guy had let loose and ah, squirted poo about two feet away, getting it on my sis, the changing table the wall, floor, and a few other things. My sister was so funny. She was so shocked and offended. She left the baby to me, who was crying with laughter and washed her hands then rinsed with bleach. To this day we still tease her about it. She has 3 kids of her own now, and has relaxed a bit!
Thanks for the laugh!!

Corrie said...

oh no! the pooplosion as we call them here! I love that you captured the moment forever!

your littlee one reminds me of elodie who is 10 months with a big mop of hair!

lovely blog and love that you shared this:)