Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A greedy little goat and other warm weather pictures...

 I hope these pictures make you smile! They sure had me smiling!

This is our little Bo. He didn't realize until today that his horns are getting too big to put his head in the feed bucket! We laughed so hard at him, and we told him that's what he gets for being greedy. Little goats are so much fun!

It was so cute, he kept backing up thinking he could back out of it! Molly finally helped him get it off and he ran straight to his mama and nursed like he had given up solid food for good after that. It was so stinkin cute!

While Ben and the kids were down at the garden planting yesterday I walked down to take a few pictures. I'm always surprised at how fast things can change in the spring and summer from week to week. This is the old road that goes down to the garden but it looks so much different than it did a few weeks ago.

Everything seemed normal when I first made it to the garden.....Ben's truck was parked with the tools and plants sitting out, the radio was playing..

....but as I turned the corner I could see that three little pigs back there??

I may as well call them that! I guess it's tradition now.

Ben heard Tim say "I wove this day! We can get as dirty as we want!" I spent fifteen minutes this morning cleaning mud out of his ears. My silly, silly boy.

If kids really grow bigger and stronger off of dirt, sunshine, and water, then mine should be just fine.

This had to be documented! Maddie has just learned in the last few weeks the joys of a good mud pie. Usually she sits by and just watches, but not this year! She's finally got the hang of it!

Summer at the Caffee Farm is off to a good start! We plan to hit the swimming hole one day this week for the first time this year. It's always cold but it's usually the best trip of the year! Happy warm weather everyone!


Leslie said...

OH my goodness, I thought my kids got dirty, but they've got nothing compared to yours. lol Looks like they had a great time though.

KTism said...

Just started following your blog recently so I just wanted to say Hi! Love your beautiful family...thanks for sharing!

Debbie said...

If my children see this, they will be jealous. No mud to play in here...just very large rain puddles. They came in from playing with daddy, Sunday, soaked through but thoroughly happy.

Renata said...

Oh that does look like so much fun! At first I thought you must have played around with the photos, but then realised they really are covered in mud!!!
Have to say how beautiful & green it looks there - I miss green in the summer - here it gets green in the winter which seems all wrong (after all you really can't enjoy a picnic when it's freezing cold).
Enjoy your beautiful weather.
Renata :)

Cat said...

Awesome! How fun! I also thought the pictures were photoshopped "sepia" at first LOL I miss living in the country!

Mama Lusco said...

LOL! Looks like fun :) I wish it were planting weather here, but it's been snowing all day in Eastern Oregon!

Vicky said...

What dirty children. I'm itching to throw a bucket of warm soapy water over them. But the smiles on their faces... good times.

Christine said...

I love it! What fun for your kids and such a cute goat!

Attilio said...

i know some mothers would be HORRIFIED to even let their children walk on dry soil (oh no they'd get dirty!) i on the other hand envy your dirt!!! we were invited to a friends vinyard last sunday and both children ran among the vines through the soil and 'built casltes" with soil and pebbles. yes they were brown by the end of the day BUT they were happy and slept so so so soundly. somebody commented to me that her daughter would NEVER dream of coming to the vinyard with the children "as they would get dirty".
i dont understand it!!!

"Hunie" said...

I love this post- it reminds me of my childhood

Mysticiris said...

How totally fun! What fabulous memories those kids are making!!!