Monday, March 9, 2009

It's that time of the year...

...preparation for our Summer garden is in full swing! Ben has cleared off a new spot for this year's garden down by the creek. I can't wait to eat fresh veggies again! Here are some things I have missed: :: Everyone working together to feed the family
:: Seeing him love this so much
:: Mud fights
:: Her wearing gowns out to the garden to help
:: Hosing the kids down before they come inside
:: And that rotating pile of dirty little duds that seem to stay on the welcome mat
What do you miss?


Crys :) said...

AHAHAHA!!!! Reminds me so much of us as kids LOL.... Sittin out by that "Pyramid" (huge rock) in my back yard diggin away with our spoons to unveil the mystery of who was buried in there LOL.... I miss those days.... I miss you and your family so much! I know i don't comment very much but i LOVE LOVE LOVE being able to keep up with how you and your family are on here... :)

I read the blog from a few days ago when you addressed the fact that someone said something negative... This person obviously doesn't know you.... You and your family are some of the most amazing people i know... I have known you since the age of 5... we grew up trompin' around the streets til the streetlights came on.... hehe! Even tho we don't talk as often as we should... and our lives have taken us on very different paths... I still consider you one of my very best friends... You are an amazing mother, wife, daughter, aunt, sister, etc.... Those who poke fun at your life are only envious of what you have... Its something that is very hard to come by this day and age... Keep doing what your doing and don't let these people sneak in and dampen your spirits... You are an inspiration to so many people... Including myself...

I love you Sam!

Jaime said...

Oh I miss green plants and growing things too, we just got 9 inches of fresh snow! I like snow but it is March and I am getting a little tired of it.

maya | springtree road said...

that last picture is priceless!

we're buying our first house this month so i am looking forward to having a little more room from now on. :) i'm also looking forward to starting my first garden. i don't know much about gardening, so it's sure to be an adventure.

little dresses said...


Hey Crys!

Oh my goodness! How many days did we dig away at that old rock?? I have told my kids about that over and over, they LOVE that story! And the trolley! How many times did we zoom across the yard on that trolley? I can remember riding it upside down too! Beck wrote to me yesterday and said she may be in Iraq soon. We will be praying for her everyday. When she gets back on US soil you need to drive up and we can all get together. We can take the kids through the pipe to the old school, to the old park, through the old creek bed, and we can tell them about all of our adventures from growing up. Wouldn't that be fun! I'm sure Beck will be full of interesting stories about the Navy too.

I miss you too! Tim and Molly were just talking about you the other day, I know they miss you.

Love you,


Bridget said...

That last picture reminds me of being a kid in rural Ohio and playing in the mud with my best friend. My mom had to hose us off and she swore up and down we'd get trichinosis or some such terrible disease.

I enjoy your blog - found you through SouleMama I think.

Artsy Momma said...

Loving the mud people photo!!! I dont know if Leila would ever do that, she gets a spec of food on her cheek and she needs to clean it with a wipe (no exaggeration!)

Megan said...

The last picture is HYSTERICAL! Totally the one you will plaster in the town newspaper for her 16th birthday. LOL

Bonnie said...

this brought back fond memories of my son and daughter years ago... oh how I wish they were still young and tracking mud in the house!!!