Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm gunna snap!

The post office is closing in like 10 minutes (don't even get me started on the very short hours of country post offices). I have packages that I would have liked to be in the mail yesterday in the front seat. I have managed to get only Maddie and Tim out to the car, but not buckled up. Molly yells half way to the car "I gotta pee!" and darts back into the house. This is the slowest child in America, I promise. I wait. How long can this take? I mean you pee, wipe, and run...NOT THAT HARD. My patience is seriously being tested.....Tim is still standing in the van NOT GETTING BUCKLED.....Molly should have been done by now.....So I say "Timothy, tell Molly if she doesn't get her tail to this car I'm gunna snap!" (Yes, I still say snap. I know I shouldn't have brought that word out of the 90's, but I did, so there.) so he turns and yells out of the car door "Siiiiiiiiiis!!.... Siiiiiiiiis! Mama! said! come! on!" I honk the horn. Tim yells again. Maddie is now starting to unbuckle thinking we have been here so long we aren't actually going anywhere.....Just when I thought I was going to completely LOSE IT, Tim turns around and says, in the most serious voice, "Mama, you better snap cause she ain't comin." and I lost it. I laughed so hard I hurt! Then I called my list of "wanna-hear-what-Tim-just-said people" and told them, and they laughed!
I didn't make it to the post office in time, but that was OK, because it was totally worth having another "Tim story"...and ya know, that's just the way it is sometimes. This Mama gig isn't always easy, but you can almost always find something to laugh at! One of my favorite phrases is "if I don't laugh, I'll cry" and that is just so true....
I think I'm going to start a little collection of Tim stories here on the blog. There are some good ones, let me tell ya. This kid is crazy! We are always laughing at this little guy, he's our in-house comedian. He's also a *little* (A LOT) mischievous, but we wouldn't have him any other way.
By the way, I'm on Twitter now! I've actually been on there a while but I've just now learned how it works. So look me up! I'm handmadedress. I have committed to being very faithful for a few days to see if I like it, and I think I do.
And also, thanks for the Miss Mary love, I'm really excited about this one!


RachelQ said...

Oh my goodness.. don't you love it how kids can make us "snap" out of a bad mood!!!

Tereza said...

That's way too funny! It made me laugh too:)

Carolyn said...

I love that you now have a category "Tim Stories". The kids certainly do make you giggle even when you are really frustrated!

courtne450 said...

My goodness, he looks so much like the Ben I remember from elementary school!!!


Molly said...

Fuuuuunny! Made me laugh out loud so much that my kids asked what I was laughing at...kinda lost something in the explanation to them and they gave me that, "Mom, you're nuts" look! Made me laugh even more! Thank you! :)

gardenmama said...

That's really cute! With as crazy as our lives can get as stay at home mamas, it's nice when our children provide for us the comedic relief. I have a sewing question for you. I would like to learn how to sew ({blush} my mama was a single mama by the time I was old enough to learn, and she was busy trying to work and make a home for me and my three older brothers, one of whom had a brain tumor; as a result, she focused on surviving the day rather than teaching me how to sew, and cook, etc.) and was wondering about the cost effectiveness of it. With as expensive as single-use patterns and fabric can be, is it still cost effective to make your own clothes?

little dresses said...


I have made dresses for my girls that have cost as low as $.50! I can get a cute pillowcase or sheet from the thrift store for really cheap! Patterns are only single use if you cut them out, most people trace off the size they need onto tracing paper (or wax paper) and then use that until the child grows to the next size, so 1 pattern can take you through several years of growing! Even when I make heirloom dresses I know I save money. I usually spend aound $50-$60 on materials (laces, entredeux, fabric...)but for a dress similar at the store you would have to pay over $150.

LEARN TO SEW. You will never go wrong learning basic survival skills. Yes I said survival! Our three basic needs are food, clothing and shelter and everyone could benefit from knowing how to do these things on their own. DO IT! You won't be sorry!


pfarmwife said...

Now multiply that by four and you have my days! And I'd keep the short country postal hours for the blessing it is to live in the country!