Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just Another Day

Thank you all, once again, for pulling me through another sad day with your thoughts, prayers, and encouraging words. God is so good! Even when times are tough and it feels like everything is going wrong He always sends the sweetest moments to remind us of His presence!

We had a wonderful day here at home today! We didn't get much done, but we had fun. My sister called at 10am and woke me up, yes, I just said that, TEN AM! How did that happen? I never set an alarm to get up because somebody (most of the time Madeline) always wakes me up by 8-8:30, but nobody woke me up this morning! When she called we were all still sound asleep. It felt so good! Like I had beat the system or something! LOL! After I had been up a while I remembered that it had been a while since I had made a video of the kids. So I got the camera out and started with Maddie and by the time it was over I had some very funny footage of each of them. And there it was. Just another day with my crazy kids and these little moments when everything works out just perfect. That's when I realized.... it's going to be OK. I know I still have lots more bad days coming, that's just part of the process, but I will be OK. You can't stay sad with these crazy kids around! I sure am glad God has such a good sense of humor!

I hope you enjoy our little videos, southern accents and all!


Anonymous said...

You have such beauitful children!!! They are precious!!! Never a dull moment with the three of them.

HeatherSue said...

I just read through most of your posts since August. I now realize that you have already shared your baby's story (I posted a comment on your Dec. 15 entry). I lost my baby at 11 weeks also, and had to go through a D&C as well. It was SO hard.

Here's my Hayden's story:

I know it helped me to read other people's stories after I had lost my baby. I think you have done a wonderful job of expressing just how painful a thing it is to lose a baby.

Melinda said...

I'm impressed,
I would never be able to handle my losses the way your handling yours. I just wanted people to feel sorry for me(in a way I blamed them too)

I also have a confession to make....
When I first came to your blog I was jealous. Jealous of you and your beautiful children. God has taken all four of my children to be with him.
One,died in a car wreck.
Two children I miscarried.
The last one was murdered.

Why God has taken away my children, I don't know. But I know he has his reasons.

I also know that God has not taken anything that he won't will give back in the future, or has already given.

Oh,one more thing. Don't think that I'm writing this without any tears.

Melinda Gates

Anonymous said...

SOOOO sweet, you should do that more often. :)

Josh(your cousin) said...

What did I ever do to Tim???

little dresses said...

Hey Josh!

LOL! I don't know? You tell me!

If I were you though I would watch out for that little fella, he has a Josh trap waiting. LOL! Whatever that is!

Hey, now that you can comment on my blog I expect to hear from you more. We need a little more josh in our life, twice a week is just not enough!

Have a good night sweetie. And get to bed it's late, I'm sure you have plenty of school to do tomorrow.

Love you,


Butterflies said...

i am so sorry about your loss.
i would never know how much it hurts until i am there myself.
i sure do hope to have children like yours. Full of live and things to laugh and share about with other.
Actually, what you have right now is what i wish in my future.
a mom that enjoys her kids, and cozy house, crazy tongue trying to get the little spot on their faces, another one singing in the background, etc.

LadySnow said...

So sweet...

Joy said... cute! She had us giggling pretty hard over here...

Sharly Girl said...

YEAH that's my little trooper tell tim I'll help him out with that trap LOL Josh is in for it LOL

cjoy said...

So cute! I wanted to laugh out loud when your son said he was making a trap - my 7 yr old son is ALWAYS wanting to make some kind of trap for some reason or another. Very, very boy.
Thanks for sharing.

Sew&Sew said...

Oh,I feel sorry for your cousin Josh.
He's in for it!

heartathome said...

Your daughter eats chocolate cake like me!!! I can never sneak chocolate. The corners of my mouth always tattle on me! Loved the videos and this northwestern girl found your southern voice VERY peaceful and soothing! So glad you are getting a reprieve from the weight of grief. God IS good. And your children, on earth and in heaven, are precious, Samantha!

Cleo & Andrea said...

WOW, his cousin must REALLY mean!
You tell Timothy we hope that Josh falls for the trap.

Good Luck!!!!

But what did Josh do?

GirlS said...

Tell Molly she has a beautiful voice!

Oh,How did the trap work out?
Did Josh get trapped?(I hope he did)
How does the trap work?

The GirlS

beth said...

Did Josh fall for the trap? i hope he did. Tell Timothy i hope his trap works. good luck

est said...

may you and your family have the joyful and warmest time in this christmas! happpy holiday!! :)

little dresses said...


I have been thinking of you for days... I could not imagine losing children in that way. I am so sorry. I kept waiting to respond hoping that I would be able to email you directly (if I could find a way to get your email address). I have read all of your comments in the past and they have been so dear to me. I have been reading this morning a passage out of my favorite book "Stepping Heavenward" when I thought of you...
"as for myself, if I had been told what I was to learn through these protracted sufferings, I am afraid I should have shrunk back in terror, and so have lost all the sweet lessons God proposed to teach me. As it is, he has led me on, step by step, answering my prayers in his own way; and I cannot bear to have a single human being doubt that it has been a perfect way. I love and adore it just the way it is."

She wrote this after losing her 5 year old son, mother, father, and being confined to a bed for 7 years unable to care for her children. day I want to be able to say that! and I do in my heart, but not without some secret regret. I know his ways are perfect, but I have not yet learned to "love and adore it just the way it is" when it involves losing my children. But I do strive to learn that spirit of submission! Just think, if we do not learn it then we have lost "all the sweet lessons God proposed to teach". I just wanted to share that with you today. This is what I am working on right now... I hope it blesses you as your comments have often blessed me. (And I hope this comment finds it's way to your computer screen!)



Melinda said...

Thank You so much for that comment. I needed it!
As for my email address here it is,

Feel free to email me any time!

mommatothebear said...

Very sweet kids Sam. I'm glad you had a good day.

I found it extra cute that Molly was inadvertently singing about Chistmas shopping. "Guide us to our merchandise!" lol