Monday, November 17, 2008

It's been so long!

At least it feels like it! I have had sick kids. Molly, Madeline, and I had a virus and Tim had an abscess in his front tooth. Yeah, remember this? It has come back to haunt us, but luckily the antibiotic has gotten rid of most of the infection after only a few days so the dentist decided not to pull the tooth. Score!
We are all feeling much better now and I am ready to get my little used book giveaway going. Molly chose for me. We did the ole 'think of a number between 1 and 31' and she chose 10, Tiny House.
The picture above is of a couple of dolls the girls and I made using Emily's pattern HERE for some friends at the nursing home a couple of weeks ago. They LOVED the dolls. We went at a good time too because we were able to do crafts with the residents! I don't know who had more fun, the children or the elderly women! I'm trying to come up with something to make for this weeks visit, but I am coming up short. There is just not many things that they can have there, ya know. Hopefully I will think of something by Friday. We normally don't take anything unless it's Christmas but my sweet friend Ms.Godwin has had such a hard time lately. We promised to bring her a craft every time to cheer her up and to give her something to look forward to. She seemed to perk up after that so I don't want to disappoint her.
Here I am babbling when I need to be in bed! Saturday night I'm having my girls a Birthday party and I still have soooo many things to sew and clean before then. The count down has started!
PS. I have added more pictures of the long sleeved Miss Madelines to the last post!


Marlya said...

I love the dolls- they are so sweet! I bet you all had a lot of fun making them!

Anonymous said...

The dollies ARE cute!! for the nursing home ladies - what if you just made them some little hankies? Or just one for your friend? You could crochet around the edges?

mommatothebear said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. I was wondering about you!
The dolls are beautiful.