Friday, July 27, 2007

Broken Teeth

See the big space between his front teeth......well.....THAT WAS NOT THERE 5 MINUITES AGO!!! He broke it on a cup. YES, a cup! Well off to the dentist! This boy has been a little accident prone this week. Hopefully this will be it for the rest of the week! This first pic is his "daddy mad face", and with the black eye, it's pretty hysterical.
OK, off subject. I made this dress for Molly last night. It's a "rub off" of her favorite night gown . She loves it! I will probably make Maddie one tonight. I's matchy.......shu-up! hehe.

Kim, if Grace needs one of these just let me know. My house is dirty.

Just in case you all are wondering, Kim is one of my best friends. She is a wonderful cook and housekeeper. And when I say wonderful I mean she enjoys it! She loves it! She is amazing at it. So, we have this little agreement. I sew and she cooks and helps me stay organized. Sometimes I think this deal is a little one sided. I mean I love to sew it is not really work, but she says she loves the arrangement. So we are a happy pair!

Am I on a roll this week or what! I have posted almost every day. My car has not left the driveway. Maddie has been sick with a summer cold and now I am coming down with it too. Ben has been either out of town or at the fire station for two weeks. I posted today so he could see Tim's teeth. I do realize that is weird.... Hey what can I say, I'm a firefighters wife! haha.


Mary said...

Oh my goodness. You've had quite the week! I hope this is the last for a good long while.

Love the dress!