Sunday, June 8, 2014

Vintage Hippie Mama

Yay!! Our first Instagram sale went great!! So we are going to do another!! If you want to join in the fun hop over to Instagram and follow me vintage_hippie_mama! I will also have more handmade bibs available. :)
I'm thinking of selling henna kits that would include everything you need to do countless batches of henna at home! The henna powder, the essential oil, the applicator bottles, and my all natural recipe. Every hippie mama needs henna! *All you would need to have at home is lemon juice and sugar, things most of us keep on hand. :) So talk to me! Would you pay $30 for a henna kit/supplies that would last you countless batches? The one time kit at craft stores costs $12 and the applicator bottle isn't great. It also uses tea tree oil which is super stanky. I use lavender and it's also safe for kids. To buy all of this separately online cost much more because you have to pay for shipping for each item separately.
It's so good to be making again!!! xo, Sam


post9 said...

I would be interested in the henna!

Amanda Haller said...

My daughter loves henna! We would be in for one kit!!