Tuesday, April 29, 2014

We are Safe

UPDATE: The second round of storms weakened and we were able to have a peaceful night with no tornadoes or scary stuff! Praise God! Thanks so much for the prayers!!

We are safe! Tornadoes ripped through our town last night. Birmingham, AL is now 3rd in the nation for deadly tornadoes. So, we prepare! The best we can anyhow. Last night I was more scared than I ever remember being in my life. Ben as an emergency worker, was at the fire station. I was with my seven babies, soaking wet, in my neighbors basement. Fear gripped me as the "freight train" passed over us. I started telling my kids to pray and that I loved them, I was losing it! Then Maddie lost it and I had to get a handle on myself! I looked at Molly and she said as calm as anything "God's got this." I looked at the others and said "Just pray!" All of you! Pray out loud! And they did! God protected us, it touched down not far from us but didn't stay on the ground, it just skipped through. Praise God!!!!

Now we are bracing for round two. It's supposed to get bad again in a few hours. I'm praying for protection and PEACE!! My children are still shook up from last night. It's almost time to hunker down, but I will check back in soon! Thanks for the emails and prayers sweet friends! It means a lot to us! xo, Sam

PS. Because I got quite a few questions on our shop Facebook page....I write in permanent marker on each child's arm their name and Ben's cell number (my logic for the arm is that if something happens emergency workers will start an IV, the arm is a good place), then on their thigh or back I write their name, number, age, "Mom: Samantha", and then any health issues (asthma). During times like this families get separated, in different hospitals or shelters...just having a name is like gold in those situations.



Lucy said...

Oh Sam!!! So praying for you all. May God grant you peace and safety and provision in this stressful time, especially as you take care of your precious little ones.

Asiyah said...

Praise God! Praying that He will give you safety and His peace for the next round of storms. I survived an F3 tornado with my babies and is an experience I would not wish on my worst enemy.

Renata said...

Praying for you all. What a good idea. I know whenever we go to a really crowded place I try to write our mobile number on our children's tummys. Praying for God's protection over you & your beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

Many prayers for you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam,

Glad you are all OK. I love the marking on the child idea. This should really be promoted. I had not heard of this idea before but I will use it anytime I have my Grand-God children with me in a place or situation where there is a potential for separation.
SO glad the storms last night did not materialize. God is good all the time - All the time God is good!(That was our Spring-fest slogan that turned into our disaster relief distribution center slogan after April 27th)God bless you and your family. Pegi G.

Emma Anne said...

Praying for you all!! So thankful you've been safe so far! Also love love love the marking idea. I've thought about getting ID tags for my kids like military dog tags, but sharpie is much more readily accessible! :)

Crys McKissick said...

Praise the Lord you are all safe and well. Sending prayers that you remain so.

Children Onesie said...

God will help us!!