Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!!


Oh wow. That was one more Christmas. We haven't actually had Christmas yet, so it was just a day really. The mother of all flu bugs hit my house and our extended families on the Monday before Christmas, and we are just now coming out of the fog! We haven't even had a bite of Christmas food yet! Now that I have had the real flu, I can honestly say that I think that's the first time I've ever had the flu in my 34 years! I couldn't even walk for two days! Praise God that Ben only had a touch of it or this place would have certainly fell apart! All 6 kids were taken out and mama got the worst end of it. Bless that man! He ran his own little war hospital out of our living room. There were mattresses and sick children everywhere. He even did laundry!! Y'all, I have never been so glad to be better in my life!!! I'm still struggling with a bad cough and sinus issues, but I don't feel like I may die anymore! The kids have recovered much easier that their big ole pregnant mama. We start making up Christmas get-togethers with family this week now that they are all better too and we are pretty excited! Finally! It's Christmas!! Yesterday we celebrated New Years by getting the house back in order, and that felt AMAZING. This year I pray for HEALTH, happiness, and easy transitions for my family and yours! 2014 holds a lot of big changes for us, and we are READY! xo, Sam



Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to see an update from you today, I've been worried. :)

I'm sorry you've all been sick. (The flu IS TRULY horrible! I had it once and I now see how/why people die from the flu!!) I hope this year brings good health for everyone. Enjoy your belated Christmas.

I love this photo, goodness your babies have just grown up right before our eyes. I almost didn't recognize little Maddie!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam,

I am glad you are feeling better but please be careful not to over do it. I had the flu the first week of December 2012 and thought I was recovered so I had my Christmas parties. Then I ended up in the hospital the middle of January. SO take it easy as much as you can for a while. Those babies need you!

God bless all of you

Pegi G.

Anonymous said...

So happy you all are on the mend! Enjoy your Christmas! :)

obat maag said...

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Renata said...

Praying you are back to complete health quickly. I had it mid 2011 and have never been so sick. The only good thing was I lost a stack of weight :). Take care and enjoy your belated Christmas celebration!

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Anonymous said...

Miss your blog entries, Samantha. I hope all is well with you and your family:) Probably have a new member by now;) Take care! Pics if you are up to it:)