Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Yoked Cardigan


I didn't mean to be gone so long, but I got a little under the weather for a few days. It was yucky! Now about the cardigan! She loves it!! And so do I! This girl of mine waited (not so patiently) for the last three days of knitting for this cardigan to be finished and gave me the motivation needed to get it off the needles. She is a purple addict these days, and a tutu addict, and a cowboy boot addict....but the purple was perfect for her because it goes well with a lot of her clothes and it's her favorite color . She already picks her own outfits out, with a little help from me, according to the weather I may try to talk her into or out of more layers. This little Claire Bells Sassafrass Caffee has a style all her own! (You can check out my Ravelry notes HERE)

I've knitted a couple of other small things in the last few days since finishing this and now I'm working on a cardigan for Penny. Maddie is saying now that she needs one too, I love that they like the things I make still!

I'm on the hunt for a knitting pattern for little boots like THESE. I want to knit a pair for the new baby and a pair for Penny Pie (11 months old). Do you have any pattern suggestions? How adorable are those?! I LOVE them!

Baby knitting will start soon too! I can't believe that I'm already half way through this pregnancy! I'm slowing down lately, I'm down to only being active for about a third of the day now. My old "friend" preterm labor is seeing to that. I'm hopeful this time that I can stay off medicines a little longer, I'm trying some natural ways to slow labor. If you have any natural tips or tricks for slowing labor I'd love to hear them. I'm really feeling good about this! Last time I made it all the way to 37 weeks for the first time ever. It still feels good to say I was FULL TERM at least once! Well I better run. It's nap time around these parts and if I don't get a jump on it we will soon have meltdowns. :) xo, Sam




Virginia said...

What a great looking sweater. My first thought when I saw the booties were the Cutiest Booties by the Yarn Harlot but with ribbing

Anonymous said...

Cute sweater! The booties remind me of a mukluk slipper. I'm sure there are very similar patterns on Ravelry. Do a search for slipper sock, boot slipper or stay on baby bootie. I KNOW in my search for stay on baby booties there have been knee high variations in the project photos of a few patterns! I just don't remember the pattern names.

Anonymous said...

Very cute sweater:) But adorable little Claire:)!!


FROdominatrix said...