Thursday, November 21, 2013

An Attempt at Newborn Pictures

Yesterday I tried to take some "newborn" pictures of Lyric. At 12 weeks she is still technically a newborn, but those pictures are normally done in the 1-6 week range when babies are still very sleepy and floppy. Lyric is none of those things! Ha! But it was very important to me to take lots of pictures for her mama, so I gave it a go. This is a sampling of what I got, cute of course (how could they not be?!), but not exactly what I was going for!

You get what I'm saying? Bwahahahaha! So I gave up and decided to try a different way another day, but when I went through the pictures later I did find just one, semi-blurry picture that spoke to me...

It describes her perfectly somehow...and I really do love it. I hope her mama will too. xo, Sam



Emilee K said...

Beautiful...she is so cute! Love the big smile picture too..

Crys McKissick said...

What a cutie! And I am so inspired by your sweet heart. I really appreciate you capturing these memories for her mama!