Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Shiner for the New Walker

This had to be documented while she was asleep because that's the only time she's still enough lately! Our new walker has the markings of a new walker...a pretty nice shiner. Claire keeps asking if she can "wear make-up like Penny Pie". Ha! It may sound crazy but I always try to take pictures of their little goose eggs and purple eyes, it's like a right of passage in that transition from baby to's just so fast. I wish I had done more of that when Molly was little. Remember those days of disposable cameras that never got developed? Ahhh! And now we have a camera on our phone, our tablet, a big camera, and any photos can be shared with just a click of a button. I'm glad it's that easy now that I have so many little ones, but I wish it had been that easy then too. What would it be like to go back there for just one day and see her like this? I'm just going to keep soaking up all that I can! The fun stuff and the boo-boos that can be magically healed by mommy kisses.... xo, Sam



Anonymous said...

Oh poor little face! It's hard to believe she's old enough to be walking already. :)