Thursday, October 24, 2013

There has been cool weather knitting!

The cool weather swept into Bama and got me itching to knit! First up was a super soft striped hat for Daniel's bald noggin. I've heard for ears how cold and sensitive skin is after chemo so I carefully chose the yarn. This stuff was perfect! It's a wool, silk, and bamboo blend called Nuna by Mirasol yarns. You can see my Ravelry notes HERE. My adorable nephew Luke was wondering why just dad was getting all of this special attention and asked for one too! That was probably the fastest knitting project I've ever done! The bulky yarn just made it fly and the pattern was free for all sizes  HERE.

Next I went through my knitting bags which were a MESS from last year! I frogged some projects deciding that they just weren't worth the yarn, I found some notions in the bottom of the bag that had been MIA for a while (stitch markers are as bad as keeping up with baby socks, no?) , and I decided to pick some projects back up. This was one of those projects! I think it was meant to be a baby hat that I was winging, which would have been way too big, and it didn't need but about fifteen minutes of work before it was an embellished baby neck warmer. I love projects like that! It turned out so stinkin' cute too! 

I thought about jotting down the pattern for the neck warmer and crocheted flower. Any interest in  tutorial? 

I also found an almost finished cardigan for Claire Bells that I had forgot about. I ran out of yarn, ordered more, then it came needing to be wound (I don't own a swift, yet!), it was about that time that the heat wave had started and I couldn't touch wool yarn anymore, so I quit. Now the timing is perfect and Claire is anxiously waiting! Like asking me every 10 minutes "You done my jack-jack (jacket) mama?" or "Work on my jack-jack mama!" Maddie helped me wind the yarn and I picked it back up. 

For me, knitting and henna go hand in hand. I love to have henna on my hand when I'm looking at them so much! It cheers me up every time I see it! 

All I really have left now are button bands and a little sleeve knitting and it will be done, but not soon enough for Claire Bells! My Ravelry notes for this sweet cardi are HERE. I can't wait to see it on her! 

So, what are you gals knitting?! Has the cooler weather made your fingers itch too? xo, Sam


Crys McKissick said...

I'm working on an infinity cowl for myself. I needed something simple so I can cart it around with me. After that I may cast on a hat for my sweet husband. I love the color of yarn you're using for Claire's sweater

Ashley Osborn said...

These are adorable! I so wish I knew how to knit! Someday I will learn. I know how to crochet, so maybe I can do something with that. :) Either way, you knit beautifully! I love it!

Anonymous said...

I'm working on a pair of fingerless mitts. I love anything involving sock yarn and my favorite set of old double point needles.
In my UFO bag there is a partially knit cardi that I've been working on for over a year that isn't going anywhere. I'm thinking it's time to frog it and find another pattern. I adore the yarn (it's a beautiful shade of red!) and want to love what it becomes too.