Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Monday from Claire Bells!

Brought to you by, what I like to call, a HOT MESS!! She was hamming it up at church yesterday so I snapped a few pictures with my phone. Oh this girl of mine is a mess. She has the funniest personality and the sweetest heart. We call her Claire Bells, even though Bells isn't even part of her name. My Uncle Sterling, who I was very close to, use to walk around singing that old gospel song "Prayer Bells of Heaven..... oh how sweetly they ring!" He died just days before I found out that Claire was coming into the world, so I never got to tell him that all of our prayers had been answered. I like to imagine that they passed each other on the way in and out of heaven. He prayed hard for me during that time and always told me that God would give me more children. He wasn't just my uncle, he was my pastor too. The day she was born for some reason the song kept playing through my mind like this "Claire Bells of Heaven oh how sweetly they ring!" I sang it to her all the time and it caught on, the kids and Ben would sing it to her too. Then she became Claire Bells! She even calls herself Claire Bells! She has a lot of his personality traits really. He was loud and spoke his mind, but was fiercely tender hearted, just like her. She tells me all the time without being prompted "I love you so much mommy!" He never had trouble telling people how much he loved them either. He told me the last time I saw him how much he loved me. I want to be more like that. <3 I didn't really intend to babble on today, but it just happened, maybe I'm getting the writing bug back! Anyhow, HAPPY MONDAY FRIENDS! xo, Sam



Anonymous said...

She's just too cute Sam. Good to hear what's on your heart this Monday!

Renata said...

She is totally adorable :)