Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Big God for a Big Family

(the whole Caffee crew)

We have cried, we have been stressed, we have made plans, we have asked for prayer, we have prayed for ourselves, we've prayed for others that were taking it harder that moment, we waited long long hours at the hospital day after day, we've hugged and gathered more than usual, we've appreciated each other on a whole new level, we are shocked, proud, in awe, but together through it all. This big ole family is asking for continued prayers as one of our own starts chemo in the next couple of weeks. Daniel has cancer. You've met Daniel here before, two years ago he and his family lost their home in the tornado that ripped through our town. God protected them then and He is doing the same now! His precious wife Cristina is my hero! She is such an inspiring woman of God!! If you could include Daniel, Cristina, their son Luke (4), and daughters Zoe (2) and Emma (almost 1) in your prayers along with the rest of this big ole family we would greatly appreciate it! Before now I couldn't write it down, it was just too painful, but yesterday we heard a beautiful word! Curable!! That was a HUGE answer to prayer!!! When Cristina came into the waiting room with a smile it made my heart so happy!!! When a family this big unites in prayer, BIG things are bound to happen! We are almost to the point that we can talk without our voices cracking, and our eyes aren't constantly brimming with tears anymore, we can smile and laugh (and its not the fake put on stuff anymore) and that's like medicine in itself. We serve a BIG GOD!!!





Leslie said...

My prayers are definitely with your family. The word "cancer" has the ability to instill fear quicker than any other word I know of, but I pray for peace to calm those fears, strength for the days ahead, and for healing from the God who is able to command this storm.

Dawn said...

Sam...I am so relieved to read this. My eyes welled up with tears as I read through your post. I have been saying prayers for Daniel and the rest of your family and even reached out to other friends with prayer requests for him. This news has filled my heart and I can only imagine the happiness you are all feeling. Big Hugs to all of you. Call me next week!

Goosegirl said...

Yahoooooo!!!! Sam this is wonderful news. I remember praying for them when the tornado happened. I wll be praying for them as he heals. Yes, we do serve a BIG GOD!!

Rachel said...

I said a prayer for them.

Melissa (Mel) Graham said...

It is so good to read about other solid Christ believing Christians :)
My prayer is for peace no matter the outcome, of course while praying for complete healing.
Thanks for sharing this Sam xo

dlogan said...

Hi Sam,
You do not know me at all! I follow your blog, but I have not checked in in a long time. Why did I do that tonight?? I really have no idea.....but I think God does. Right now, I am sitting next to my husband of almost 24 years who has been in remission from cancer for almost 30 years. I do not share this often. But when God places before me others in need of comfort and hope(and this happens often) I share our story. Please share with Daniel and his family that there is a family in the Blue Ridge Mts. of NC that is praying for him, his family, and his doctors. We serve an awesome God. Will this journey be easy....NO, it will not, BUT you all will discover that HIS LOVE and healing knows no bounds. God BLess you all,Darby Logan