Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Silly Summer Days


Molly played Ben's electric for the first time... Guess what she wants for Christmas now? Yup. My kids are getting too big!

I couldn't find a cooling rack, the bread was coming out of the oven....You know, I don't think I need cooling racks anyhow!

You know Molly is known for her creative baby wearing (SEE HERE), this kid is crazy! (And no worries, I snapped a quick picture and told her not to do this again.)

My parents rented a water slide for the fourth! That's my mama standing by it. Ain't she cute? :)

Every morning for FIVE days we got up, packed our bags, and headed to Mom's to play until dark!

Because I'm an eight year old boy when it comes to water slides, this is how I looked after five days on that thing! My legs were black and blue too! I was sore all over from climbing the ladder, but oh my goodness It was fun!!!

This little girl got kicked out of her cradle. She broke all of mommy's cradle rules in one night! No crawling in the cradle, no pulling up on the cradle, and no sitting up in the cradle. It always hurts my feelings to see that cradle on its way back up to the attic.

My babies sacked out after a long day.

My big kids are really starting to do big kid things. How is it that kids grow so much over the summer? Sunshine, dirt, and water must grow kids like it grows the weeds in my garden! My Molly is now playing with the band on Sunday mornings. I wrote last night "I want to be Molly when I grow up, and be all awesome playing guitar, in boots and a jean jacket, on stage, at eleven years old....she's my hero." And she really is. I've never been able to be in front of people and not be totally awkward, but she rocks it out with the coolest head. God has blessed my girl with a gift.

This big guy is growing his hair out. There is a twenty year old in the church with a shaggy head and Tim wants one too. I'm just glad that the twenty something is such a good role model for my boy! They are a good pair, Tim with his strong personality, and the older with his gentle ways....

Even my Maddie has gotten big this summer, my little Maddie, she hasn't gotten big in body, more like big in personality! All she can think about lately is putting together new outfits and "fashions". And I'm that mom that lets her wear it out in public. I remember her once going to lowes with Ben in footie pajamas, a tutu skirt, and a pair of rubber boots. *Love* I have a picture of it somewhere! Oh my girl, she is one of a kind!

These two are becoming best friends! I've never had girls this close before and it is such a joy to see that bond and friendship grow daily. Claire loves for them to match! And I love for them to match! And penny doesn't seem to mind one way or the other. We thought it would be funny to give Penny hair to match Claire too....

It totally was!! Oh so funny! We made up all kinds of phrases for her like "Girlfriend, I went and got my hair did!" And "Girl, go see my wig lady! She will hook you up!"

Claire couldn't stop laughing at her either! Ha! We have had some silliness lately, sweet summer days and memories. There will be some seriousness coming soon, but that's for another post and another day. What have your days been like lately? Please feel free to share your blog link in the comments!




Betsy said...

Enjoy it!!! You have such a beautiful family...too soon they grow up, and find other interests outside of baby graduated from high school, now I have 2 college kids!Love your blog

Anonymous said...

What a fun time!

*Mirage* said...

Oh my goodness those two littles and the wig... SO cute! How close are they? My closest is 15 months. The rest are about 2 years apart. The 2 that are the 15 month spacing are best frenemies. :-/

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