Thursday, July 25, 2013

Scrappy Hair Flower Tutorial

Are y'all in for another hair flower tutorial? And where have y'all been lately?! I feel like I'm talking to myself! :) Well this one isn't just cute for a hair flower, you can also use them as decorations for gift bags or gifts or a cardigan that needs a little update! If you are like me you have lots and lots of fabric strips around from tearing fabric to find the grain. I have loads! But a few years ago in a hurry to spiff up a gift bag, I finally found a good use for them. I call them scrappy flowers.

Get some scraps and lets go!

For this flower I used strips torn into 1/2" sections. I've done them up to 1" before and they are still cute, just a little chunky looking. I used 4 different fabrics for this one but more would just make a fluffier flower.

Wrap each fabric around your 4 fingers, 4 times. That should be easy to remember!

Just pile them on wrapping each one 4 times. Don't worry about all the strings.

Now using another scrap, tie a knot through the middle and slip it off your hand. Once it is slipped off center it well and knot it again. (Right over left, left over right works best)


Trim all of the long pieces off.


Now cut the loops you created on each side.


Fluff it up nice and pretty and trim any strings or long pieces that appear.

Now hot glue it to a hair clip and put it on!

Would you look at those beautiful eyelashes? I mean of course, that precious hair flower! Now that I've taught you to make them, tell me how you plan to use them in the comments! xo, Sam



Anonymous said...

Oh those make adorable hair bows! I can see adding these to the neck straps on the aprons I want to make.

Karen said...

Very cute. Thank you! How about as flowers on a bag or made into a pin with ribbon leaves and then pinned onto a dress?

Samantha Caffee said...

Great ideas!!!

charlsie said...

Love it! I am going to try this with some shirt scraps today.