Monday, July 22, 2013

Our Loves

And with very happy hearts, and a whole lot of prayer, PRAISE GOD, we were able to send our loves home with their parents and grandmother! It was a hard fight, and it looked impossible, but God showed off! And now that sAeet mama is holding her babies again. I'm writing the story, it's so emotional so it's coming out of me a little piece at a time. We miss them, but we sure are happy for them!! We were told by the social workers that we probably had one of the most heart wrenching first time foster care experiences that they have ever heard of. Yes, we all came out a little bruised (none more than their sweet parents though), but to see the look on their faces when they were told the verdict made it all worth it!!! So we told the social workers, put us back on the list. We are willing. xo, Sam



Anonymous said...

Bless your hearts for opening your home to these babies, thanking God for the happy ending. There aren't a lot of those in foster care it seems.