Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Week in Pictures

This lady now sits like a little monkey to eat, I call her Mowgli, this child is a HOT MESS!

I take a lot of morning pictures, the kids and babies are all just so cuddly then that it makes me want those memories forever, I bet I have thousands of them.....and I still want thousands more. 

Summer breakfast just went into effect. I am a creature of habit, it's coffee, two eggs and turkey bacon all winter. In the summer I make what I call backyard breakfast I cram all of the veggies I can into my two eggs (they are hardly ever the same veggies, though tomatoes are always there).  I'm happy for the change, I've been waiting on these veggies! 

While I worked one afternoon around nap time Penny just helped herself to the floor. Poor baby! You see how hard she has to work?!

One morning with all five piled

 I documented a "family Heirloom" before it gets passed along to cousins. My Aunt Rita made this for my sister before she died, even though the kids never knew her its special to them too. 

 Youch! I had to put Penny in disposables when this yeast rash popped up on her little fat roll. We don't want yeast in our cloth diapers. My plan of action was some oregano tincture that had been brewing for a month. It worked! Woot woot!!

My iPhone took one for the team. Bye bye spider. 

I caught this moment yesterday morning, she was just entranced by what he was reading! She hung on his every word, oh please let this last! You stay little Penny pie. 

 We were determined to get out of the house yesterday! I met a friend and we talked while the kids played, and then the dreaded scream....of my 4 children with teeth, 3 of them have done this to their baby teeth. I need a break. And a dentist appointment. HOT MESS I tell you!!!

This was Tim at that age,before this picture there had been no gap. He was a hot mess too. 

Today we are off to the pool to cool off, hopefully it won't be too hot. I hope you all have a wonderful day! xo, Sam


Karen said...

Loved you post. Reading about your little ones makes me smile. Blessings, Karen