Wednesday, June 5, 2013

An Herbal Harvest

My favorite part of summer is here! Getting to use what we grow! This year is even more fun because our very mature, parenial herb garden is thriving and there is enough to harvest once a month for spices, tinctures, and other medicinal purposes. I'm so excited! Before I looked at it as just a spice garden for cooking, now I'm seeing it as a physic garden too! I've added a few more herbs this year too which will be fun next year. I'll only harvest what I need to cook from those this year. 

Today we had enough sage, thyme, and rosemary to make medicinal tinctures. We made an oregano tincture a couple of weeks ago, and its still cooking in the cabinet. We had a plantain tincture that just got sifted last night and now Molly is just itching to use it. Molly is also very interested in medicinal herbs so today we turned our china cabinet into our own little kitchen apothecary! It's so cute!! We cleaned out the kitchen cabinets for any useable jars or containers for more remedies. We have also been enjoying herbal teas mixed with local honey. 

For those of you who have used your herb garden as a physic garden, what are your favorite herbs? And what ailments do you mainly use them for? I'm looking forward to learning more about herbal medicines! 



Melissa Lyon West said...

Ohhh can't wait to see your collection of herbal medicines. We just studied the massive benefits of plantain and have a tincture of that working. It was so fun to study, learn and make it with the girls.

Debbie said...

Plantain is wonderful for bug bites and acne!

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