Sunday, June 16, 2013

An Apothecary Cabinet

I decided a few weeks ago to turn my china cabinet into a place to store our apothecary things. For years I've had this stuff spread throughout the house and never seemed to be able to find what I needed, and the problem was compounded when I started making my own medicines. Trouble was, my china cabinet had seen better days, so we decided to give the old girl a makeover. At some point it had been in a fire because it has always been smoke stained. I gave her a fresh coat of white paint, sanded and painted the rusty handles turquoise, and Ben steadied her with new braces and nails. 

This sorta started a frenzy of projects that everyone got in on. My kids painted my plate holders and Molly put them back up.
I got started on some new curtains for the French doors.

Tim got out the sander and started distressing my door couch (I painted it but never distressed it). Maddie watched the babies. 

Ahh! That felt nice! You see how good she turned out?!

Everything fits nicely with lots of extra empty jars and room. (The glass jars with white lids came from Dollar Tree! Love!) Everything in one place, that makes mama so happy. 

I even washed up all of the pillow covers on the couch!

The curtains and plate holders brightened the place up a bit. I'm in love with that floral fabric and the $.75  thrifted mushroom salt and pepper shakers. 

I didn't have quite enough floral fabric so I improvised and added ruffles! It's nice to have a little spiff up every now and then. I can't wait to add more herbs from the garden soon. I hope you all had a productive Saturday too, or at least a relaxing one! xo, Sam


Crys said...

Amazing Job! It looks so bright and cheery and very welcoming. I have some of that floral fabric in the form of a comforter from Target LOL

Anonymous said...

How fun! Decorating always feels like a breath of fresh air to the home, well done! :)

mandi said...

Girl- it is looking cute in there! I use a chin cabinet for my apothecary too! I was just like you- stuff everywhere! And now I'm starting to sell my herby concoctions and there is even more stuff to contend with!

Rachel White said...

I want to know more about your apothecary! Like what you have, what you use it for, etc. Love your decor, too

Amber C said...

I love your colorful space!! Very at home!
Amber @ Tales of Domestica