Monday, June 24, 2013

A Busy Summer Day

We are making the most of summer here at the Caffee house! We are taking advantage of all of the good veggies coming in from our garden and our neighbor's garden (Thank you Mary and Eddie!). Breakfast and lunch pretty much look the same everyday with a slight variation in vegetables. We also have quite a popcorn addiction these days.

Oh my do we have an addiction! I think I ate it in my sleep last night! Or at least dreamed up a new seasoning combination to try! Our favorite popcorn flavor at the moment is cooked in coconut oil, with dry dill, garlic flakes and salt. Yummmmy! What is your favorite popcorn topping? Please share! 

We also made homemade lip balm today! We used a Burt's Bees copy cat recipe and it's really just like the original, I can't tell a difference. 

We ended up with a good bit of lip balm (6 containers) for just pennies. I like that! It feels so good on! I want to try this lotion bar recipe next.

While the babies took a nap I mixed up this Dry Shampoo Spray too (Recipe HERE). I've used just cornstarch for a long time between washes but I like this idea better. It goes on wet but dries super fast and not only does it soak up extra oil it kinda refreshes and pumps up your roots too. I have really thin hair so any pumping up of the roots is always welcome. Just before this lovely picture of the top of my red head was taken, I needed to change the oil in my hair, bad....after the spray it looked like normal hair. ANYTHING that can get me out the door faster AND be cheap is good in my book. This will be a staple from here on out.

Around the time I was mixing up dry shampoo I heard sewing machines buzzing. And then the endless fashion shows ensued. Maddie made herself a shirt from an old flannel receiving blanket. She rocked it! No?

Molly got in the mood too and made Claire and her baby doll dresses and a pillow....

...and from there I lost count, you can see in the photo above that Maddie made herself another shirt and Claire also got another shirt. I seem to remember a pair of pants for Claire in there too. It was a frenzy! A no pattern, fly by the seat of your pants, use what we already have, FRENZY I tell ya!

And then it was bathtime. Hillbilly style. Ha! That counts right? I think so! What's sumer for if ya can't have a bath outside on a tarp every now and then? :) I hope y'all are having  great summer too! xo, Sam


Crys said...

It certainly looks like ya'll had a busy and productive summer day! My favorite kind.

Lise said...

Two favorite popcorn flavors:

coconut oil, salt, and brewer's yeast

coconut oil, salt, and crumbled dried kale (do you know "Pirate Booty?" it's like that)

*Mirage* said...

How early do you start 'em on the sewing machine? My oldest is nearly 7 and it occurs to me I should probably start teaching her... but her being her mother's daughter I'm concerned. See I'm the clumsiest person I know. I think I was probably 16 years old and my own mom was still paranoid I was going to sew my fingers into whatever I was working on. And rightly so... :p