Monday, April 15, 2013

New York, Philly, and DC

Since I last checked in we have been city slickers by day and campers by night. Hehe!

We saw New York, and that was all well and good, but the best part was heading over the bridge into Hoboken, NJ to see Carlo's Bakery. My kids were in heaven! They love Cake Boss (what we can see on Netflix) and they were so excited to get to see a guy from the show there. We got cannolis and cheesecake, AMAZING!

Then we headed to Philadelphia to see Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, eat some REAL Philly cheese steak, and see the Fireman Museum. It was a fun time! We got brave and took bikes into Philly and it went very well! We got to see so much more! And the kids just loved riding on sidewalks, it was like an adventure in an adventure. :)

Next was Washington DC, oh my, it was SO MUCH FUN! We have friends, Nathan and Amanda, that live in the city so we got our own personal biking tour guides! We rode well over 20 miles on our bikes (in two days) and got to see everything we wanted to see. It was definitely my favorite city! It's clean, beautiful, and very very bike friendly, it was also in FULL bloom! We did the Museum of Natural History, National Archives, Arlington Cemetery and the changing of the guards (so moving...), waved at all of the monuments and special buildings (White House, Capitol, Pentagon, Watergate, historic Georgetown) and Georgetown Cupcakes (From the show DC Cupcakes). I don't know what was better, the bike riding, the sights, or the good company, it was a blast!!

By the way we voted, Carlo's Bakery tasted better, but Georgetown Cupcakes was looked better. :) It really was a cute little shop.

At the moment we are headed to Richmond,VA to spend some time with our good friends Brandon and Katie.

We have two weeks left on the road and we are so excited about our next few stops! Richmond, Cape Hatteras, and the Great Smoky Mountains... I'll check in again soon! xo, Sam


Debbie said...

I love this! There are no other words.

anne said...

awesome trip! I cannot believe you got into Georgetown Cupcakes...every time I go by there is a giant line out the door and around the corner!

Annie at Firefly Hill

Have fun!

Dawn said...

This looks FUN! You are creating some wonderful memories. The older ones will remind the younger ones about all you did together.
Blessings on you, dear.
Praying for your safe trip the rest of the way.
D xo

Tricia said...

It sounds like you have had a blast! I'm a little bit jealous.

You will love Hatteras! We camped there and it has spoiled any other beach forever! Do the Hatteras light house, Wright Brothers(Nags Head), and Ockracoke Island! For great fudge stop at Scotch Bonnet!

Cherishing My Days said...

So fun!! I love seeing this. What a dream.

Anonymous said...

Richmond, VA!! Almost my home town! The Childrens Museum there is AWESOME!!! Bottoms Up Pizza is yum! Drive down Monument Ave of course. The Civil War Museum is kinda meh. Visiting the Manassas Civil War Battlefield National Park between DC & Richmond is pretty cool and a great history lesson. Can't wait to see what YOU discover!
Barbara O aka Sparkle

Li said...

This looks so amazing! Note to self: live next 10 years in such a way as to make a trip like this possible!

To that end, what kind of baby seats do y'all use? I've been scared away by those little seats that roll on the ground, just don't seem safe to me, but your little ones looked very protected!

Libby said...

Ahem, that was supposed to be "Libby," not "Li"

Anonymous said...

What a fun family trip ya'll are having! The kids will have such great memories of it. Your two babies bathing in the little tube is adorable!

Jaxson Corey said...

awesome trip! I cannot believe you got into Georgetown Cupcakes...every time I go by there is a giant line out the door and around the corner!

Anonymous said...

i love it. your kids are going to remember this trip for the rest of their lives..what a great bonding time :)