Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Season of Soup!

This winter there has been a breakthrough in the Caffee house! Ben has finally learned to love soup!! Before he just tolerated soup as an occasional fill-in, but now he loves it and is asking for more. I'm ecstatic because I could eat soup for every meal and be happy! Our new favorite soup is this black bean soup HERE (we use dry beans instead of canned). Ben even made it at the fire station (he added hamburger meat) and they loved it, they called it "meat candy soup". :) Tonight I'm trying a minestrone recipe, I'll let you know how that goes. I hope it's a hit too! So what is your family's favorite soup recipe? I need more recipes!

Edited to add: I just remembered another really great soup that Ben has always liked. It's this broccoli cheddar soup and the only thing I do different is that I add a couple of grated carrots and I steam my broccoli beforehand. :)


Stephenie Simmonds said...

Thank you so much for your favorite recipes! I was looking for something new for my family. :)

Bless by Tone said...

We have one soup that's a big time favorite in our house - we call it the Storm soup because my father was a chef on ships, and when there were big storms at sea, he would make this soup, he only needed one pot!

it's basically just some cubed meat, any, really and all the vegetables you have in your house. I add some bouillon cubes if I don't make it with bones (?). My girls loooove it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam,

Are you using Shell's Minestrone
Recipe? It is great! We also love beef & Cabbage Soup. It is just red beans (not kidney) Ground beef (chuck or Sirloin) cabbage and crushed tomatoes with salt and pepper for seasoning. I even served it to a friend who did not like cabbage and he ate a bowl out of consideration and then was the first one at the table to go back for seconds. Love Molly's debut!

God bless your family and you PegiG.

Anonymous said...

Soup is so good. When my children were young, my weekly menus were 1 fish, 1 beef, 1 pork, 1 chicken, 1 vegetarian, 1 soup and 1 leftover. Sometimes we didn't get one of them because we had enough leftovers to make soup. Our favorites were chicken and dumpling (northern style dumplings) chili, and bean w/ham but we regularly had cream of asparagus, chicken tortellini, vegetable barley, cream of potato, clam chowder, chicken noodle, split pea, tomato rice, good ol' plain tomato, beef stew, chicken with rice and more. I think if my children had to choose just one soup, it would be my chicken & dumpling because they still ask for that when they come home. All of these were homemade - but in some I might open a can of peas or corn if I ran out of my canned goods. Also canned my own soups since we had a dietary problem for one of my children and she loved bringing her own soup on over nighters.