Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Almost There

Almost well that is, we have been hit by a couple of different bugs over the last month. The first was a stomach bug that started with BEN! (If you wonder why his name was in all caps there followed by an exclamation point then I must explain that he rarely gets sick, like hardly ever, and we have to constantly hear bragging about his "amazing, super manly, paramedic/firefighter, superior immune system" that he has developed after years of working with very sick people. Whatev!) It wasn't so bad, just a 24 hour bug that took a week or so to filter through all of us (except Penny thank goodness). So that was over and the sniffles hit sometime later, in the middle of all this my Maddie had a few very strange things happening. It started out not that big of a deal and ended after trying 3 different antibiotics, 2 doctors visits, 3 weeks, 1 mommy breakdown involving many tears, and a mystery full body rash with swollen sore lymph nodes and all, and many sleepless nights. I'm happy to say that my Maddie Gwen is on her way out of this mess! Praise God! I'm so grateful for my little girl's health that I'm not bummed at all that I woke up this morning with a very sore throat and neck! It looks like mama will be the last one to get the cold, and that's perfect because now that everyone else is well and I can rest easy, be taken care of a bit, and take naps with snugly babies. If you are in our little mama Facebook "Mama's Coffee Break" you witnessed my breakdown, thanks for getting me through that friends. If you are not in our little group come join us! There is lots of love, good advice, loads of support, a funny game of truth or dare, and some awesome crafty goodness to be had. I'll be back soon all rested up and ready to show off our new couches! One still needs to be painted, I wonder if I can talk "Mr. Superior Immune System" into doing that while I'm sick? I think I'll try. :)

(This picture was taken during one of those late night pile-on-mama-because-you-don't-feel-good moments.)


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