Thursday, December 20, 2012

MacGyver Games

Tim, the typical almost 9 year old boy, has been needing little jobs to do lately. He has his own tool set and he is the go-to guy for anything requiring tools. He is also our "royal bug catcher", which means he kills spiders and any creepy crawlys that end up in the house. He also has the job of tending the fire and bringing in the firewood all winter (which still hasn't happened here, they are still in shorts most days). With all of those jobs, AND taking care of FOUR sisters and a mama while dad is gone, he still gets "restless"; so lately I've been coming up with new ways to occupy him. I turn ordinary tasks into MacGyver games! For example, today Claire dropped her pappy into the change jar (we are saving up for our big trip in the airstream), that's definitely a big brother job. Just before he dumped it I stopped him and said "You want it to be a MacGyver game!?" He smiled big and said "Yeah!" I made the rule that he could NOT dump it, he had to find a way to fish it out. A few minutes later he came back smiling, with his chest all puffed out, and Claire's pappy hanging by a wire coat hanger all straightened out and hooked at the end. Now I'm just looking for the next chance for us to play!! xo, Sam


Anonymous said...

genius!..i have three boys and am finding myself pulling out my hair trying to figure out how to keep them constantly busy..thank you for the GREAT idea :)

Mindy said...

I've gotta forward this to my daughter. Her little three year old boy, with 5 sisters, has found his imagination lately. His constant barrage of stories always begin with "last night" and end with "my MacGyver knife." To date he has killed a snake, alligator, bear, deer, and rescued his sisters all with his MacGyver knife. I'm sure she will get a kick our of this! What a clever momma you are!