Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A New Bag

The night before Thanksgiving I realized that I didn't have a bag big enough for two babies! I went up to the loft and dug around a bit for an idea and came across this canvas tote -given to me by Amy Butler when I was at market! Perfect! It was the right size, and I hated for it to stay in a drawer not being used (Amy would be disappointed), so that was it. Besides, I was pretty crunched for time and needed something already put together like this so that I didn't have to start from scratch. 

(Me just chillin' with Amy Butler! hehe!)

Next I raided the scrap bin and went to work. I put pockets everywhere I could fit one! I dropped a liner (with pockets) into the inside of the bag, and I was done in under two hours. It didn't cost me anything but fabric scraps and a tote that wasn't being used. Oh! And now I get to look at my Amy Butler bag everyday. :)

This is the inside without the diapers and extra outfit. Pockets everywhere!

And here it is full of stuff. Oh my, there is a lot of "stuff" for traveling with two babies isn't there? I haven't had to do this in several years so I forgot. The last time I did this was when Tim and Maddie were little! Maddie was 7 last week and Tim will be 9 soon....Can you believe that? Maddie was just a babe when I started this old blog. Okay, I better stop before I become a big ole blubbering heap of hormones! That's another thing I forgot, how fast the tears come after a new baby. Ahhhh! So anyhow, new diaper bag! Yay! :) xo, Sam


Alisa said...

Smart thinking, Samantha! It looks great.

Michelle said...

I love it! Very creative repurposing. :-)