Friday, October 26, 2012

The Knitted Vest

(Ravelry notes HERE

Look how tiny! EEEEK! Now I need some booties to match! I'll start on that right away! I have a go-to bootie pattern (that is free) that I have worked out to fit a newborn perfectly. This vest was super fast and easy, but not at all boring. I did change the pattern up a bit because when I first cast on it looked more like a preemie pattern to me. With the changes, compared to a newborn t-shirt it looks like it will just fit. The Cascade yarn I used is as soft as butter!! It's kind of sheddy (Yeah, that's my made up word for it) but oh my it's so soft. 
This is all of my woolen knitted baby things so far, I hope to add at least two more things to this layette (because that would mean being pregnant for longer!). If it were not for knitting I might have gone crazy by now! But I'm powering through! Knit, knit, knit..... xo, Sam


Anonymous said...

I would recommend at least 1 more soaker. Those new babies can make such a mess of wraps and they just plain need washed. Imagine mustard yellow all over that green... Maybe artistic but, well, I think you get the picture.

Anonymous said...

If you'd like another soaker to try. Warm Heart Woolies patterns are nice.
The free flat soaker
And the $4 pattern that I really liked A LOT

Cherishing My Days said...

I have been thinking "boy" for you this whole time and from the looks of what you've made, it's seems like you have a feeling.....? Very cute teeny stuff!

Anonymous said...

cute, booties would be darlng, and good luck as you go along day by day

taotao said...
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Melissa said...

This is too cute - it looks like a little baby doll vest=) I can't wait -- no scratch that -- I CAN wait to see your little one in it.