Thursday, October 11, 2012

My First Wool Soaker

I started a wool soaker (diaper cover) for the new babe. This is such an adorable pattern, and it's free! It so interesting with the alternating stockinette, seed stitch and ribbed legs. You can see all of the pattern and yarn details HERE. This green yarn is perfect for a boy or girl. I think I my make a wee hat with the left over yarn. Now won't that be an adorable newborn picture? EEEEK! 

I added this picture because it just has so many good things in it..... the yarn I bought with my birthday money from my Mom and Dad, my absolute favorite knitting needles, the new birthday pajamas from my mother-in-law, the recliner that I now LIVE in, my sweet baby that will be here soon, and my newest henna design. It's not very often that that many good things are crammed into a picture! Oh, I just can't wait to see this little soaker finished! xo, Sam


Courtney Martin said...

You are so talented! Most people would take the easy way out when it comes to things like diapers.. But you, you far surpass the duties of a mother, and homemaker! I don't know how you do it, and hold a smile on your face, but you're doing an amazing job in my book.

Enchanted Moments said...

I cant wait to see the baby! I think that baby tummy is the THE best thing in that whole keep baking there.....x

Marty in KS said...

This is so funny--wool soakers back again! I was born in 1942 and hand-knitted wool soakers were the only thing available since the war effort used all rubber and the like. Pretty heavy and draggy when wet I lurk on sewing blogs and enjoy your blog and your cheer in handling challenges as well as your interesting life, projects, and travels!