Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Her Turn and a Doctor Update

Since Molly was up so late doing my belly henna last night, we froze the left over and I did her's tonight. We have discovered that frozen henna works very well. It seems a little thinner for the second application, but for designs like this (where you need to drag and blend) it works even better! It's much faster to be able to make bigger batches and freeze them in smaller batches. The stain looks just as good with the frozen henna too! (I need to add this to our henna recipe post HERE)

Maddie and Tim got henna last night too but I forgot to get pictures before they fell asleep. The doctor was pretty impressed with her work today! She was proud of that. :) 

I had to move up to the brethine today at my visit. I am currently juggling three different preterm labor medications (depending on the kind of day I'm having). It stinks but I'm sooooo close! The brethine pump is not an option this time (it has recently been taken off the market! EEK!) so I have NOTHING to fall back on at this point, well except a hospital stay with mag sulfate. I feel like I'm hanging on by a thread some days! I'm dilated and baby is ready, but I've got another 4 weeks and a couple of days to my goal (37 weeks). 


Anonymous said...

good thoughts and hugs sending to you and your baby

Eileen said...

Praying that you make it!! This NICU nurse knows how much every day counts for the new Caffee:)