Friday, August 3, 2012

Diaper Covers :)

My wee little nephew, Levi, has been fighting an ugly diaper rash. :( My sis thought that he may do better in cloth for a few days, so I made him three covers and 8 liners (she already has prefolds to use as soakers). After 1 full day in cloth his bitty buns are feeling much better. You know, I was thinking that this may be a good baby gift for any mama, whether she plans to do cloth or not. Three covers is more than enough to get you through one day, and it's nice to have the option for just a day or two occasionally when they have unhappy skin. She also has the option of using them as swim diapers instead of having to buy them. Quick, easy, and multifunctional, I like it! xo, Sam


Kristin Hankins said...

I love that pattern! So.. I have always been under the impressions that cloth causes diaper rashes? Not true then??

krishna said...

i love them... so adorable... yeh.. its a real good gift idea..

Alisa said...

If you are thinking of making more diapers and covers I would suggest going with plastic snaps rather than velcro. Velcro gets all stuck together and in a big mess in the wash. I love my kamsnaps snap pliers and they would work well for diapers and covers (not affiliated, just really happy with it. Also love my fuzzibunz which have the snaps.)

Anonymous said...

These would make a great gift for any baby:) Adorable! What pattern is this?


Anonymous said...

re: Unhappy Buns, babies of my own and multiple foster babes I learned to spot the difference between diaper rash and a yeast infection on the skin - I'd long forgotten about it but it popped right back into my head when I spied it on my wee little granddaughter. The whole situation being a bit touchy I mentioned it to my son - that the med lotion they were using wasn't going to do anything for the type of rash she had and to get an OTC anti-fungal ointment. Well, the DIL took it to the dr, the dr RAN A TEST (!?) and then prescribed a more appropriate lotion. LOL!! Of course granny was right but they have more $ than they know what to do with so it doesn't matter but it seems nobody thinks of yeast anymore - so keep it in mind. It will not respond to regular diaper rash treatment but will clear up in a couple days with an anti-fungal
from Sparkle aka Barbara O

Samantha Caffee said...


It was yeast! But the yeast was just thriving in those disposables even with the correct medicine. I too have a good eye for yeast rashes as my first two babies had them all the time (along with thrush!). Thank goodness his skin was much happier today. :)Yeah those faint, almost undetectable, raised red pricks give away yeast every time!

Did you guys use Gentian Violet for thrush back then? I still use it now and it has gotten pretty hard to come by. With Claire I actually had to special order it from the pharmacy!


Melissa said...

So cute! I use clothe diapers for my little ones and it make it much more fun when they are cute like these.