Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Lace Hat

The lace hat has been finished and blocked!

And has now been turned over to it's new owner, my sweet little Madeline.

Maddie loves it, I love it, and all in all it was well worth the work! I even got more adventurous by the end of the project and bound off with a picot edge (my first). I love the look of the picot edge, it goes with the lace so well. Maddie is only 6 and this was an adult pattern, so I did make a few small modifications, you can see those HERE on my Ravelry page.

 I wasn't so sure about this hat until it was blocked. BOY does blocking make that lace look amazing and the picot points stand out. Before blocking the lace was bunched and undefined, and the picot points were barely visible. I pinned each point and it made them look so much more defined and lacy. As I expected I needed to jump right into another lace project, so I took the advice of several of you and went for the Autumn Leaves cardigan. I almost have the yoke lace finished and I love it too! Yay! I'm so glad that I finally tackled knitting lace! xo,Sam


Karen said...

Beautiful job on the hat! It looks great on Maddie!

Anonymous said...

O, wow! It does make a huge difference after blocking - it looks great!! Sam - I have to tell you my Great-Gram, who taught me to knit, used to knit lace with sewing thread! It was AMAZING! This was back in the 50s and she would knit doilies! My Grama used to get ticked about it (this was her MIL) because she was a great crocheter but never could knit and she always thought her MIL was tryign to show her up. LOL!! Can't wait to see your sweater!
from Sparkle aka Barbara O

Melissa said...

Oh that edging is the best part. It turned out so pretty! I'll have to get a little more adventurous now.

MrsDG@TalesFromHomemadeHouse said...

Looks amazing, well done, and the colour is beautiful! :)