Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Little Pickers

(our small kitchen garden next to the house)

Picking the garden has become a favorite past time for my two smallest girls. Maddie asks to pick tomatoes almost everyday, she also likes to make sure that daddy didn't miss any cucumbers. It is such a huge help! She is learning so much about the plants too, and just how to pick. My older kids went through this stage when they were younger too and now I can yell from the kitchen "I need a sprig of rosemary please!" and minutes later there is a kid at the sink rinsing one off for me. :) Those small things really add up! Things like that make mama's job so much easier!

Claire has already discovered the love of picking too! I think that she has been my youngest to take interest so far. In fact, I have a funny story about that. Every morning I sit on the porch and and drink coffee while the kids play (before the heat sets in). We eventually make our way back in to eat breakfast when our bellies start waking up. Well earlier this week Claire must have got hungry before the rest of us, because she walked to the garden, picked and ate EVERY tiny red tomato off the vine and came back with little tomato seeds running all down her chin and chest! I laughed and asked "Did you get your own breakfast this morning little lady?" My funny girl!

I just remembered this video from a couple of months ago. It was during blackberry season, boy was there a lot of picking going on then! The big kids were picking enough for a cobbler almost every evening. Claire would stand by the edge of the big garden while Ben picked vegetables and snack on blackberries before dinner. Ben took this video the first evening that she discovered blackberries. It's adorable! "Is it good?" "Muuuummmmm."

Happy Saturday friends!!  xo, Sam


Kim said...

SOOO sweet! And yes, "little pickers" are a big help. I wasn't able to do a garden this year, but Lydia was a big help with the berry bushes. :)

Melissa said...

Oh my girls loved picking berries this year as well. This is the first year that we lived where there was an abundance and everyday when they went out to play they would rush to the bushes and not stop eating until every ripe berry had been picked=)

Eileen said...

She is so cute! Gotta love some kitchen help for the mamma!

Enchanted Moments said...

Gorgeous, its great that kids grow up knowing where fresh food comes from...its so important.

MrsDG@TalesFromHomemadeHouse said...

I love when my littles take such an interest in the growing of our fruits and veg, this year my older two took it upon themselves to guard the cherry tree from the birds who were eating all our cherries and the excitement of all four when they found carrot tops above the soil was just lovely, growing fruit and veg also means a ton of new bugs for tem to discover and play with! :)