Monday, June 4, 2012

First day of summer! Woot woot!

Today is our first official day of no school! Woot woot!!! I think mama is just as happy as they are! And on our first official day of no school, God gave us this perfect, rainy, dreary day to stay inside and watch cartoons/movies. That may sound like no fun to you, but for us it means that summer is really here. You see it's a House Rule during the school year that there is no TV Monday through Thursday in the Caffee house, so this just sweetens the deal! They were all out until after dark last night picking blackberries, and we were making cobbler at 9PM. Tim is eating some for breakfast right now. :) Summer memories have already been made!
Molly took advantage of this first day by sleeping in until 10:00, and then getting up for some toons on Netflix. I'm pretty pumped about my free day too! I think I will knit, listen to an audio book, crunch ice (of course), and take a nap with the babe today. Ahhhhh! Summer is finally here! xo, Sam

PS. Ben and I love all of the name suggestions!!! We have a few more names added to the list, thank you!


mandi said...

Oh! I had to go back to catch up! Congratulations! So exciting!
In baby news- guess what!?!! We finally were chosen by a birth mom! He is coming in September- we are so excited!

Bless by Tone said...

Happy summer - My grandmother was Evelyn, I like Leonora, Theodora (gift of God). My girls names are Arielle (Lion of God) and Ariana (most Holy) Tone

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam, Juat wanted to put my names in the pool. My grandmothers were Annie Mae (She alter changed it to Anna Mae), Mary Francis, Lilly Mae(I Think Rae already has this one used up)Joanna, Christina and Sadie. (Sadie was from County Corl Ireland) Other family names are Martha and Verna Mae. Ican'twait to hear the name you choose. May God bless and keep you always. Pegi

Anonymous said...