Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bitty Needles and Bitty Talk

Today I'm practicing with these bitty needles that I bought a while back. Aren't they tiny?! I thought they would be perfect for sleeves (sleeves aren't my favorite) which I usually knit on two sets of circulars. They are a little fussy at first, but my hands got in the groove pretty quickly. 

In other bitty news, thanks so much for all of the baby love yesterday!! We feel so very blessed, and your love, support , and prayers mean a lot to us. Isn't God amazing?! How can one family possibly deserve so many precious blessings? And more on the way?? Ahhh! I'm going to drink some buttermilk while I ponder that thought. :) Oh yeah, buttermilk is where it's at these days! xo, Sam


Melissa said...

Oh those are cute and tiny=) I need to post pictures of my first finished project (I did those on circular needles as well) One of the reasons I love reading your blog is because of something you just said...children are blessings and who wouldn't want a lot of blessings=)

Cherishing My Days said...

Oh! I love that baby bump! Congratulations to you!

Renata said...

Hi Sam
Congratulations my friend ~ I just read your news!!!
Those needles are tiny ~ you're amazing!!
Take care & love to you

Karen Knight said...

BEYOND thrilled for you, Samantha.