Saturday, April 7, 2012

Triple bunks gone viral!

 WOW! We have received A LOT of email. :) We hear you. We are working on plans and detailed pictures, and as soon as possible we will have them ready for you guys! We are so flattered that so many of you like the beds! Give us a few days and we will hook you up. :)
We finished up the roll guards on the boy beds today and painted all of the wall supports. We are DONE! Woot woot! Plans coming soon friends. :) xo, Sam

EDITED TO ADD: Plans are now available for PDF download.
You can find the PDF on our "free downloads" page HERE. I will try to email everyone that asked for plans, but could you help us spread the word too? Thanks friends! Oh, and if any of you make beds using these plans could you send us a picture? We would love to see your take on it! xo, Sam

Edited to add: With the increased interest in these plans there is no way that I can email them to everyone. I'm sorry! But you are more than welcome to follow the link and download them for free through our shop. When you give your name and email address a download link will automatically be emailed to you.


Meghann said...

They are REALLY cool, and I wish we could do something like that. My kids are a bit, um, "spirited" though. I look at that, and all I can think is how they'd jump from the top to the middle, and the middle to the floor, etc.

mommyrachelD said...

I shared it on my wall on FB and another friend got it going on Pinterest ! Thats the world we live in!

Kim said...

They ARE really awesome - I'm not surprised you're getting email about them!!

- said...

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Anonymous said...

We are a foster family and adoptive family that is growing and looking for ideas to get creative with room space and beds. I found this site! Very cool beds! It looks as if the supports are attached to the wall? Just checking on the supports before getting the plans? Thanks! Rachel