Thursday, April 12, 2012

new writers and some sentimental rambling

This has always been one of my favorite stages of homeschooling. The phonetic spelling phase. Maddie is just finishing up kindergarten and the sweet notes have started to show up everywhere! This one showed up on my ironing board while I was sewing. It came just after breaking up an argument between her and Tim. I always write the translation, the date, and the child's name on them and file them away. :) I imagine myself one day having an empty nest (oh my!) and going through these little bits of life to remember, well, all of the life that happened here...and be glad that I got to witness every moment of it. EVEN if it was as hard as it could be sometimes!

 Isn't it funny that there are parts of this war-zone-that-is-having-small-children that you feel can't pass fast enough, like the sleepless nights, the moments that they are in pain, or very upset, or inconsolable; then there are those moments like the one above that you just never want to forget and you want to last forever? Empty nest, pfft! Not if I can help it! God you have my permission to keep'em coming any way you see fit! xo, Sam


Debbie said...

Exactly!!! I'm praying for a large enough farm for two spare houses. ;) At least I'm willing to let them have their own house. lol

Kim said...

Aren't you smart, to write little notes on them before you file them away! Sometimes I think to do that; sometimes I think "Oh, I'll NEVER forget that..." ha!

Anonymous said...

Weeellll, after the kids leave it (hopefully) isn't long before the Grandkids come home and believe me - they are even BETTER!!! ;-)
from Barbara O

mimsy said...

love the drawing. It's something my children and grandchildren do. I need to remember to write the translations. My dad has pics my kids drew about 20 years ago still on his fridge!
The Lily handmade dresses, all 7, turned out beautifully. thanks

mimsy said...
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