Friday, April 6, 2012

just checking in...

 Hey friends! I thought that it was about time that I check in, I can't believe it has been over a week! My sweet baby has been sick with a SEVEN DAY tummy bug. She came down with it Tuesday, so we still have a few days to go. :( I started out the week in denial trying to get Easter sewing done while she slept (instead of catching up on sleep myself), stressing about how it was all going to get done with a sick babe that only wanted mama, snuggling and nursing my babe every moment that she was awake just WILLING her to feel better faster than the other family that had this bug first, and trying to keep my laundry caught up while washing 2-3 extra loads of "sick" laundry a day. Today...I called it! I think I just got to that point of pure exhaustion that it didn't matter anymore. Ahhh the sweet relief that followed! I called all of our family who were expecting us to bring food and told them that we would not be there. I told the kids that we will celebrate Easter at home in our pajamas and read the story of JESUS together! Then next week they can wear their Easter clothes, mama can get her pictures in front of the gate by the church (it's tradition), we will go eat at Nana's house and hunt Easter eggs, and in a way we will get to celebrate Easter twice! Now doesn't that sound nice?

 Once that was done this morning, we decided to celebrate. I made a cake from a boxed mix and icing, we ate leftover pot roast (that was waaaay better today!), and Molly boiled eggs that I later turned into deviled eggs (I know, my kids are weird). What's nicer than a stress free day laying around with the kids? I also picked up a knitting project that I started several weeks ago when I found out that I was getting a new nephew, our little Levi. :) I love already started projects on days like today.
So if you need me, I'll be here. Holding, nursing, serving Pedialyte bottles, knitting here and there, watching netflix with the kids, eating leftover pot roast (that will be beef stew for tomorrow) and boxed cake, and just chillin' stress free in a clean house until my babe is better.
(Picture taken while posting this blog)

I think Claire Louise likes the idea. :) I hope all of you have a WONDERFUL, stress free, HEALTHY Easter Sunday friends!! xo, Sam



Aww poor baby and poor mommy. I hope she is better soon and I think you are so smart to stay home and relax.
Happy Easter!