Friday, February 3, 2012

The Spring Cardi

I know what you are thinking....How many cardigans does one one year old need? And is that all that crazy lady does is knit? And my answers would be, a girl can never have enough, and maybe...I'll never tell! Ha! No, I needed to jump right into another project while the boys are gone. Ben and a few of his brothers, cousins, and friends have gone to the mountains to "rough it" for a few days, so Rae (my sis) and I are hunkered down with our eight kids "roughin' it" here at my house. Yesterday we sat on the porch, talked, let the kids play, and worked on projects until the skeeters ran us back in the house at dusk. Can you believe we still have skeeters? That's what happens when your winter is mostly just days in the upper 60's and low 70's, lots of bugs. Anyhow, on to the cardigan! I started this little cardigan with some cotton I had here. I decided I wanted a little color so I added these stripes of different stash yarns. I think I like it! You can see my Ravelry notes HERE.

(Ravelry notes for this one HERE)

This is the one I made her this past summer. I wanted her new one to be a little different so I did 1x1 rib instead of garter stitch along the neck and I plan to do the same above the sleeves and along the bottom edge. With this weather it looks like we will get a lot more wear out of this cardigan than the last one! xo, Sam


Anonymous said...

You can't have too many cardigans or shrugs in my opinon.
Last year Caroline wore a sweet white sleeveless basic yoke dress from Stassburg. It has belt loops at the waist and we changed out ribbons and I knit shrugs to go along with them and her other little sundresses. I don't remember how many I shrugs I knit in a 2 week period but she ended up with 10 or 12 of them before I finished! :)

Anonymous said...

Knit on! Love your beautiful creations.

Melissa said...

You have inspired me to find my needles!