Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Shawlette

It's done and has been taken. It was supposed to be for me, but my little Madeline started saying as I knit the last few rows...."Mama, I really like that." and "Mama, will you make me one just like that?" and "Mama, I know what would look cute with that thang." She did know what would look cute with it of course. Cause Maddie always knows what looks cute. :)

I have no idea how a six year old, who is tiny for her age (still in 4/5 sized clothes), can look so grown up and stylish....but she pulls it off....somehow. Isn't it funny how these little ones just develop these amazing personalities with no help from us?

I used a free pattern to make this shawlette, you can see all of my Ravelry notes HERE. It was fast, fun, mindless knit, knit, knitting! xo, Sam


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Jennifer said...

So cute... both the shawlette and the model =) My girls can't fathom me making something not for them. I hear "can you make me one, too?" all the time. =)