Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why Hello!

 Hello friends! 2012 has found us in our favorite place in the world! Outside. :) We have had a load of 60 degree days since Christmas, and with new bikes to play with, we haven't been home much. All of the kids (besides Claire) are now old enough for big bike rides, so we have been on several new adventures.

We have had some major stress going on too, but I'm not quite ready to talk about that. I've been doing some knitting therapy. :)
 I really really miss you guys. In (almost) five years I have never been away from my blog for this long. I want you all to know that I really do appreciate each and every one of you. I guess I have realized that more since I've been gone. I'll be back soon, I promise. :) xo, Sam


Bless by Tone said...

good to see you back, I've been checking on you, to see if you updated without me noticing. Praying for you

Leslie said...

Praying for peace about what's been troubling you. I've missed reading your posts and it's good to see you back in bloggy world. Also, I just don't know how you manage to get anything at all accomplished. Claire has the most beautiful, big, blue eyes, and I think I'd spend my whole life just gazing into them. :)

andreak said...

I always love seeing your posts and miss them when the breaks are long. I am glad to know your family is well. I am glad to see that sweet chubby cheeked baby not in the hospital. Hope your stress doesn't have to do with your adoption. Praying for you.

Nell said...

I couldn't help but notice your needles in the last photo - aren't they the best. I find that I enjoy knitting so much more with nice needles. Looks like your kids are having a wonderful time. Hope all is going well with the adoption.

Renata said...

Hi Sam
I've been away as well ~ we've been on holidays in Qld. Love the pictures ~ I'd love to go bike riding with you all! Claire is just so cute!
Hope your troubles are sorted quickly & wonderful news about your adoptions!!
Have a great day

Abigail said...

Hi Sam, Thinking of you and your gorgeous family.

Cherishing My Days said...

Glad to see you! I'm praying for you during your trial.

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