Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Claire's Birthday Gift

(Ravelry notes HERE)

 I have Claire's birthday gift almost done! BUT I was losing the motivation to finish because (insert whiny voice) the sleeves are my least favorite parrrrrrt. I really can't wait to see her in this sweater so today I picked out this outfit and hung it all up together. I was hoping that it would give me the motivation I needed to finish these sleeves today. Oh my goodness! She is going to be so cute in this! I'm doing it! Another major motivation is that I'm going to the yarn shop this week and I make myself finish a project before I can get the yarn for the next one.

Can you believe it has been almost a year since my little miracle baby was born? I can't. I just don't see where the time has gone. I do know that I have made the best of it! I'm not going to look back over her first year and wish I had spent more time with her! Nope. I have gobbled it all up, soaked it all in, let all of the other stuff go, and really enjoyed my baby. I don't know if it was my age, fourth baby, or how long we waited and how hard we fought to get her here, but I did enjoy my baby, and I'm really proud of that. We all have really! She has every single one of us wrapped up! Just this morning Molly was saying "Mama, aren't you glad she's ours?" Yes Love, I'm so glad. xo, Sam


Nell said...

Oh, my. What an adorable outfit! Yes, get those sleeves finished up. Can't believe that little one is almost one year old. So precious! She'll be a snazzy little thing in this outfit. Sweater is very sweet. Love the colors!

Aimee Raggio said...

Hurry and put it on her. Post a pic soon!!

Ruth said...

Sooooo cute!!!!