Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A few things I've started :)

This is my PILE of works-in-progress right now...I know. Let me explain. I started the little green fairy hat first, but then I decided to change to 16" needles instead of using 2 circulars. I ordered them from THIS nice lady and they are on their way (probably in my box now!). Then I started the brown baby hat so that I could have something going while I wait on those needles.....THEN, I got a chance to visit the yarn shop and I decided that I MUST get started on a new cardigan for Claire so that I can give it to her for her there you have it. All of my excuses why I need three projects going all at once. Seems perfectly reasonable to me. :)

Oh, and because I know someone will ask. Yes, that is the Stitch' N "Knit" The Knitter's Handbook in my bag. It was the most helpful book (because of the lack of knitting lingo) I used (and still refer to) as a beginner. Yes, I taped over every single "word" on the covers, and I spent a very long evening covering every "word" inside with a sharpie. Yes, I'm that mom. Moving right along... :)
Just so that I don't seem too bad, I should tell you that I did finish this hat! I wanted Ben to have a new hat to go with his favorite jacket. He likes it because it's not itchy like last years hat. :)
We are at a place in homeschooling, with a new reader and new curriculum, that I need to be available (sitting close by and able to drop what I'm doing) the entire time we do school everyday, so I'm getting a lot more knitting done lately! I also take my knitting with me for our Granny day so I hope to have lots of finished projects coming up soon! xo, Sam

PS. Thank you guys SO MUCH for all of the comments, emails, and information about Granny! I feel like we have a few leads, and that gives me HOPE! You guys are AMAZING and I love you all. xo


Megan said...

Having multiple WIP's just means you are becoming a more experienced knitter. I have 7 projects going right now! People keep asking me for something so then something else gets pushed to the bottom of the bag. So excited to see your projects and I would do the same thing with the book. One reason I have never even looked at it. Now that I have seen what you did I may give it a chance. ;)